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Jesus With Wig And Beard

Jesus With Wig And Beard
Adult Costume Jesus!

Costume includes: Robe with attached sash, crown of thorns, beard and wig.

Available size:
  • One size
Sandals NOT included.

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Nerd Kit Nerd Kit
Nerd Kit. Glasses with tape between lens, black bow tie, and black plastic pocket protector.
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Buzz Lightyear Prestige Adult Buzz Lightyear Prestige Adult
Includes: Bodysuit, wings, boot covers and hood.
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Whip & Spike Scars Whip & Spike Scars
Whip & Spike Scars. 6 assorted length latex scars, vary from 6" to 17".
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Bang Gun, Stage Size Bang Gun, Stage Size
8 inch x 10 1/2 inch stage size bang gun.
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Fade In/Out Unknown Phantom-Adult Fade In/Out Unknown Phantom-Adult
Includes: Robe, Belt, Hood, Gloves and Glasses with fade in/fade out mechanism.
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Fuzzy Chicken Fuzzy Chicken
Body, headpiece and legs with feet. One size fits most Adults.
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Mad Scientist Lab Coat Mad Scientist Lab Coat
Dr. Quack is in the house. Long White Lab Coat.
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Raggedy Andy Plus Size Raggedy Andy Plus Size
Includes: Pant/Shirt style costume, striped stockings and one piece wig and hat.
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Wig Comb Over Wig Comb Over
Wig, Comb Over. Flesh-colored bald head with full hair sides and stringy strands combed over the top.
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Cap Gun Special Agent 8Shot Cap Gun Special Agent 8Shot
8-shot revolver with swing out cylinder. Uses BF23 8-Shot ring caps.
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Crown Of Thorns Crown Of Thorns
Realistic looking crown of brown flexible plastic.
our price: $7.09 cart IN-STOCK

Crepe Hair Crepe Hair
Used in the theater for hair, beards and mustaches.
our price: $3.29 cart IN-STOCK

Latex Mehron,4.5 Oz Latex Mehron,4.5 Oz
Used to create unusal skin textures or to apply Crepe hair and prosthetics.
our price: $11.95 cart IN-STOCK

Spirit Gum, 1 Oz Spirit Gum, 1 Oz
1 fl oz amber resin/liquid adhesive for applying bald caps and clown noses.
our price: $5.99 cart IN-STOCK

Stage Blood,Carded Stage Blood,Carded
Stage Blood,Carded. Life like blood is non toxic and so safe, it's nedible.
our price: $2.69 cart IN-STOCK

Dr. Coat Costume, Plus Size Dr. Coat Costume, Plus Size
Includes long lab coat that may not make you any smarter but will make you look smarter.
our price: $23.95 cart IN-STOCK

Squirting John Squirting John
Plastic bulb that goes under the toilet seat and is held on with a suction cup.
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Cowboy Adult Cowboy Adult
Straight out of the Wild West includes: cowboy hat, vest, chaps and red neckerchief.
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Merlin Wig And Beard Set Merlin Wig And Beard Set
The ultimate wizard look. Long haired wig and beard with matching eyebrows.
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Chic Sheik Chic Sheik
Includes: Striped caftan, floor length robe, headpiece and belt.
our price: $38.95 cart IN-STOCK

Instruction Sheets,Latex Instruction Sheets,Latex
Instruction Sheets,Latex. Detailed instructions, photos and a list of all necessary products make these color instruction sheets invaluable tools in creating your dream character.
our price: $0.29 cart IN-STOCK

Tooth Fx, Carded, Nico/Decay Tooth Fx, Carded, Nico/Decay
Safe, non toxic paint-on tooth color.
our price: $6.59 cart IN-STOCK

Emperor Of Evil Adult Emperor Of Evil Adult
Wicked look costume includes: robe, chest drape, hooded cape, gloves, belt, medallion and mask.
our price: $33.95 cart IN-STOCK

Magic Light Bulb [Glass] Magic Light Bulb [Glass]
Light bulb magically lights in your bare hands at your command.
our price: $8.59 cart IN-STOCK