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League of Legends: Cosplayer Ibukii Teaches You How to Cosplay
Ibukii is a video game and anime cosplayer living in Germany who has been cosplaying since 2010. She is a huge League of Legends fan and has already cosplayed as many characters from the game including Katarina, Riven, Ashe, Sona, Janna, and Fiora

Daily Cosplay Sengoku Basara Keiji
Anime News Network
"Ever since my first Anime Convention in 2005, I've enjoyed seeing cosplayers . I took pictures at cons but never had arranged photoshoots. In 2011 I used the cons local forum to arrange cosplay shoots because I was no longer satisfied with just ...

The Coolest Cosplay at PAX Prime, Day 2
Want impeccably done Borderlands, Judge Dredd and Kingdom Hearts cosplay from the Pacific Northwest? Well, come right on in. As it was yesterday, this round-up of the cosplay happening at PAX Prime 2014 comes courtesy of documentary series/social

Dragoncon 2014 Day 2: Skeksis Will Make You Cower
The Escapist
The incredible photos of masterfully crafted cosplay from Dragoncon just keep pouring in. From the parade to the convention floor, fans are sporting costumes from DC Comics, The Labyrinth, Saint Row and even Dig Dug! You have to admire the dedication ...

Lingerie for Cosplay: What to Wear to Comic-Con
The Mary Sue
The following was originally published on Cora Harrington blog The Lingerie Addict and has been republished with permission. Alexis' amazing guest post about lingerie and cosplay a few weeks ago got me thinking. Though I've never attended San Diego ...