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VIDEO: The Cosplay of Comic Market 86
Crunchyroll News
Japan's massive Comic Market 86 event (also known to millions of otaku as "Comiket") may have wrapped up last weekend, but now video footage of the incredible cosplay that was on display are available for your viewing pleasure courtesy of NETAGEO.

This Groot Cosplay Gives New Meaning To Am Groot'
Some cosplayers just have a gift for becoming their favorite characters. They can take a handful of simple materials and make ultra-believable replicas of the creatures, warriors and cartoon characters. Calen Hoffman is one of those cosplayers, and his ...


Welcome to the cosplay scene at Comiket...wait, what's going on there??
This bizarre sight reminds us of pictures from another cosplay event held back in March, which also showed a similar number of cameras vying to get the perfect angle for a cosplay panty shot. Apparently there's an actual market for these kinds of ...
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Couples, Don Cosplay The Last Of Us, Please
There are a great many relationship dynamics at play in the story of The Last Of Us. This is, ew, not one of them. Though granted, while on the subject, we've seen worse. <em>BioShock Infinite</em> Cosplay Leaves A Bad (Good?) Taste In Your ...

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Cosplay: Why people dress up like comic book characters
In plain English, cosplay refers to someone dressing up as a superhero or a video game, comic book, or movie character. Cosplay's popularity surged in the '90s, when Japanese anime and manga gained popularity overseas. Cosplaying is so popular now ...
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