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This Ariel Cosplay Is Both Beautiful And Functional

Casey Renee Cosplay created such a stunning Ariel cosplay that also has POCKETS!

Casey Renee Cosplay has spent over 300 hours sewing, embroidering and embellishing her own version of Ariels ballgown, she took inspiration from the animated film as well as the Parks to make all her mermaid dreams come true. Everything from her hoop skirt and corset to the flowers you see on her gown were handmade and embellishes with thousands of crystals by her. Casey learned embroidery digitizing and the finesse of machine embroidery to make this dress come to life and made sure to include that one thing that every princess needs, POCKETS!

She made a corset and hoop skirt inspired by the 1850's to create the silhouette, cinching her waist down 3" and creating a 120" circumference at the bottom of the hoop. Then Casey made a flounced skirt to soften the harshness from the exposed cage and a pair of bloomers to be modest. The underskirt is a circle skirt with a 13.5 yard ruffle attached and 200" of hand made puffy trim with beads. The flowers on the skirt are digitized, embroidered, embellished and sewn on, each on takes 2 hours from machine to attachment. Finally the dress is a lightweight brocade fully lined with cotton and embellished with trim and over 3000 beads/rhinestones. She styled her wig as well as made the flower by digitizing and cutting foam on her cricut.

This cosplay is such a magnificent build that it ended up winning 3rd place in the regional competition at C2E2. Be sure to check out the full competition to see Casey Renee's Ariel cosplay in action!

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