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Check Out Mr. T's Night Elf Mohawk Cosplay!

SuttonFamilyCosplay's World of Warcraft cosplay is a foam armor masterpiece!

This costume by SuttonFamilyCosplay is comprised of a multitude of different materials. They include EVA foam, craft foam, thibra, worbla, wonderflex, pvc, wood, leather, LED's, servos, arduino boards, aluminum, rabbit fur, faux fur, duck fabric, as well as many others. This costume took over 1000 hours of work and planning. Everything seen on this costume has been made by hand to include hand embroidery.

This costume has been in plans since C2E2 2019. Eddie learned a ton of new skills to complete this project. The most compelling skills learned was tooling leather. The shoulder pauldrons and shoe covers are hand tooled leather. The pauldrons have been carved by hand with the symbol of the Night Elf from World of Warcraft. They are both painted differently. One is the light side and one is the dark side. The shoe covers have the tiger ridden by the Night Elf carved into them. The costume has over 700 LED's, and most of them are individually programmed. He also learned to weld! Eddie did a bunch of experiments with embroidery without the use of an embroidery machine for this costume. The kingsmale, and scalemail were done by hand which took approximately 100+ hours.

This is such an amazing World of Warcraft build!

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