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Critical Role Cosplay Brings The Ferocity Of Yasha To Life

Shiieldmaiden Cosplay is ready to take this cosplay into battle!

When the art that inspired this cosplay of Yasha Nydoorin was released, Natalie (Shiieldmaiden Cosplay) immediately wanted to start this new project. From preliminary sketches to the construction of the garments, this cosplay was almost entirely handmade. She either heavily altered or designed and drafted every single sewing pattern used. 200 hours of work, stretch and mesh fabrics, metal, leather, foam, plastics, fabric dyes, and nearly 25 yards of elastic were used to recreate this aasimar barbarian.

The process of making this cosplay of Yasha Nydoorin was an exercise in translating artwork of improbable and impractical clothing into functional garments. The undershirt, leggings, gloves, and bracer used 25 yards of elastic both for fit and to recreate the clean graphic detailing found in the reference artwork. The cloak was treated with fabric dyes, fabric ink, and fabric paint for weathering, using spraying, brush, and stippling techniques. The symbol worn on the chest and pentagonal buckles and loops were commissioned to be 3D printed and then painted by Natalie. The mesh overshirt was made using an altered bodysuit pattern, but the leggings, undershirt, gloves, bracer, and cloak were all patterned from start to finish by herself.

Consider me impressed and thinking about doing my own Critical Role cosplay after seeing this incredible build!

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