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This Evil Queen Cosplay From Snow White is Truly Wicked

Don't take an apple from this Disney villain!

This Evil Queen cosplay by Tom Catt is one evil villain!

Decked out in upholstery grade Velvets, this ensemble was draped and drafted by hand. From the gloves to the gusset in the cape every detail was measured twice and cut once. The cape is over 15 yards of black Velvet and red peachskin trimmed in white faux fur. The gown is made up of 5 yards of royal blue velvet and 18 feet of purple crepe back satin. The bottom of the gown is trimmed in 13 feet of matching blue satin binding while the sleeves are trimmed in 16 feet of Snow White satin binding. Total worktime: 75 hours.

The Evil Queen's headpiece is foam and stretch velvet. The brooch was filled with gold metallic puffy paint and painted with red acrylic paint. The heels have been adorned with a beautiful floral brooch of shiny crystals and red accents. The gloves and headpiece were finished with a blind hem and the cape has a finished seam. The collar of the cape is binded in white cotton and the collar was also interfaced and finished with a white cotton binding. Snow White was watched over 50 times in order to get this costume as accurate as possible. The fur trim was cut into two 8" by 60" strips and one 8" by 32" to make up the 120+" trim of the cape.

Consider us impressed from watching Snow White 50 times alone! Great job!

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