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The Maleficent Cosplay You HAVE To See For Yourself

Cosplayer PaisleyandGlue knocks this Disney villain out of the park!

This original design by PaisleyandGlue begins with the classic silhouette of dagged sleeves and a horned headdress then incorporates elements from her final dragon transformation. The costume uses a variety of sewing and armor-making construction techniques including smocking, corset making, sculpting, and foamsmithing. Materials include 7 different fabrics, worbla, EVA foam, armature wire, foam clay, fosshape, LED lights, and PVC pipe. The rigging includes metal pins, snaps, hooks, Velcro, clips, magnets, and zippers. The wings are deceptively lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds each. All patterns were draped, drafted, and constructed from scratch and the build took over 300 hours to complete.

All the design elements of the cosplay were developed using Disney’s original and other conceptual designs of Maleficent, as well as artist interpretations of dragons and high fashion couture pieces specializing in fabric manipulation. The underpinnings of the costume were all sewn from scratch including the petticoat and corset. The smocking on the sleeves and skirt were stitched by hand and took 35 hours alone. The LEDs in the staff will use a ring oscillator circuit to make the lights pulse and fade. The wings were designed to be as lightweight as possible to make them wearable for long periods of time. Including the wings, the costume is approximately 8ft tall.

This is certainly a cosplay that makes you want to see all the tiny little details!

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