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A World of Warcraft Cosplay That Rattles the Stars

Check out this incredibly detailed Ysera by Eveille Cosplay!

Based on an original design by Sunset Dragon, this gown took over 600 build hours. The gown was patterned from scratch including undergarments using over 30 yards of fabric. Each of the armor pieces were made from foam or 3Dprinted, adorned with sculpted gems that had been cast in resin with LED lights. The leaf details were hand embroidered. The gown is embellished with hand beading of every constellation from our night sky using rhinestones to represent stars. There are a combination of over 50,000 beads and rhinestones on the gown, 8000 of which are on the shoes alone.

The gown itself is made entirely of silk, with portions of it ombre dip dyed. There are multiple sewing techniques including hand beading, embroidery, and smocking used. Every single rhinestone or bead on the gown has been hand applied. All of the armor has been made from foam or was 3D printed using models that I created and then finished. All of the LEDs run and connect on a single circuit and all of them are hidden on the final costume. The shoulder vines were created using aluminum wire and foam clay, they will be detailed with leaves and then painted. All of the gems have been sculpted by hand then molded in silicone and cast in resin. There is a bodysuit to match the makeup that is airbrushed to create the illusion of proper anatomy.

Eveille Cosplay certainly outdid herself with this majorly detailed build!

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