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Here's The Florida Supercon Official Cosplay Gallery

Here are all the incredible cosplays we saw at Florida Supercon 2021!

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Florida Supercon became one of ReedPop's first official show back since the beginning of the pandemic. The show, located in Miami Beach, Florida, lasted three days from September 10-12. It was also the first time many cosplayers were finally able to wear their cosplays on a con floor in over a year.

Many cosplayers showed off their outfits for their favorite fandoms including those such as Scarlet Witch from WandaVision, The Mandalorian from Star Wars, and even DC Comics heroes and villains like Harley Quinn and Batman.

The convention also housed various backdrops for cosplayers to pose in. The "post-apocalyptic" backdrop was certainly a fan favorite for DC and Marvel characters. The diner was used by a lot of more casual cosplayers simply wanting to take a break and take a bite out of a fake hamburger (note: luckily nobody ACTUALLY tried to bite it). The final backdrop was a forest and many Disney princesses and whimsical characters wanted to take photos to make themselves feel as if they were in an enchanted forest.

It was definitely an incredible time finally being back at a show and seeing cosplayers walk on a con floor again and have their photos taken. From seeing cosplay competitions on the stage again to cosplayers getting together with their fandoms and taking photos, it's good to finally be back at cons.

Our next convention will be New York Comic Con. Hope to see you there!

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