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Cosplay Masterclass With Ani-Mia Streamed Live During Metaverse

On Sunday, Ani-Mia went live from her cosplay studio and gave valuable insight on all her crafting equipment.

During ReedPop Metaverse this past weekend, cosplayer Ani-Mia went live on the New York Comic Con YouTube channel. Her live video included a 'Masterclass' for cosplay, consisting of many different crafting tools that she uses when creating her cosplays.

Ani-Mia starts off with her different types of sewing machines she uses when sewing. She shows her typical sewing machine, followed by one that is more heavy duty for leather and heavier fabric. She also talks about her serger machine, which is perfect when trying to make the seams have a professional look to them. Her final sewing machine is a digital machine that is good for recognizing materials and automatically adjusts the tension for sewing.

She shows some of her books that she has used for learning how to sew, as well as a binder full of fabric swatches to know what fabric is which. Having a binder full of fabric swatches can also help when trying to see how a certain fabric drapes, and whether you want to use it when making cosplays with lots of flowy movement or not a lot of movement at all.

If you're wanting to try out cosplaying with a different technique other than sewing, Ani-Mia does go over foam and the different thicknesses you can get for crafting. She also suggests getting a mannequin head for wigs, a coat rack for putting your wigs on, a mannequin for draping cosplays, and a soldering iron for putting detail work onto your foam. Just make sure you also have a respirator to wear while using it on foam, as it gives off lots of dangerous fumes!

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Ani-Mia has been cosplaying since 2008 and her love for video games, comic books and anime are reflected in her wide variety of cosplay costumes. She has been a cosplay guest at over 150 conventions across the globe as well as judged championship cosplay contests, appeared in both online and print magazines as well as television appearances. She’s also the Cosplay Writer for Otaku USA Magazine, the premiere print magazine about anime and manga in the United States, and an official video host for PreviewsWorld catalog and Sapphire Studios.