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An Original Cosplay Design For Mrs. Dolly Levi

Cosplayer Our Shield Design's cosplay inspired by the 1969 movie Hello, Dolly!

An original design based off the 1969 film, Dolly is brought to life by Our Shield Maiden and has over 300 hours of needlework including hand-sewn crochet applique, a hand-dyed shirt, and a straw hat that taught Our Shield Maiden new millinery skills. The costume -- which was made for under $100 -- features primary fabric from a pair of thrift store bed sheets.

We absolutely love seeing original designs of famous characters, and it's even more exciting to see original takes on classic films like Hello, Dolly! We were blown away by Our Shield Maiden's design, and even more impressed that it took under $100 to make! Talk about convenient and affordable!

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