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Check Out This Beautiful Sakizo Four Of Diamonds Cosplay

Cosmonaut Cosplay's rendition of the original artwork is stunning!

Sakizo, an artist from Japan, is well-known for their unique illustrations around the internet. They have created numerous artbooks throughout the years, and have some incredible designs of famous characters such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Alucard from Castlevania, and even original designs of mermaids and princesses. Sakizo has even been developing a line of fabric tights, which we can only imagine many cosplayers would want to purchase.

It's no wonder that many cosplayers see Sakizo's artwork and decide to make cosplays from it. Cosplayers from all around the world have flocked to Sakizo's designs to recreate them in real life. Cosmonaut Cosplay, a Northeastern US-based cosplayer, decided to create the Four of Diamonds from Sakizo's artbook, Alice's World II.

Her cosplay was created with over 400 hours of work. There are over 11,000 beads that have been hand sewn onto this cosplay, with over 2 thousand beads on the choker alone. The string of beads across the bodice were made by hand, with a glassworking technique called lampworking. The bodice has 32 individually cut pattern pieces to make the striped pattern. A variety of fabrics were used, including silk dupioni, silk velvet, and silk taffeta. All of the lace on this cosplay has been hand painted gold to match.

Cosmonaut Cosplay ended up winning 2nd place overall in the NYCC Championships of Cosplay in 2019. This is certainly one of those cosplays you have to see up close to see all of the amazing details!

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