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A Game Of Thrones Cosplay Fit To Rule As Queen Of The North

This Sansa Stark cosplay by Simone Cosplays is truly regal.

Whether you loved or hated the final season of Game of Thrones, one thing about the show is true: the costumes are brilliantly crafted. Many cosplayers were left disheartened after the season finale, but were still fascinated by the costumes and how much time and effort were put into each one. There is even a book about the costumes of Game of Thrones, with up close studio shots for cosplayers looking to recreate many of the looks from the show.

Simone Cosplays definitely made the season finale Sansa Stark gown look like it came right from the show. Sansa's dress is represented by aspects of the North, from the Weirwood Tree to the signature dire wolf symbol for House Stark. Simone took nearly 30 yards opf fabric and hand-dyed it to make it the cool gray color of Sansa's dress from the show. The claok even looks like individual pieces of fabric to make it look almost like a pelt (or dragon scales, although Daenerys would be more of a fan of that).

Simone Cosplays also crafted over 50 individually hand-embroidered beaded leaves. These are seen on the train of the dress to represent the Weirwood Tree. The sheer work of embroidery alone is enough to consider her a ruler of Winterfell. She also created the corset, back piece, and crown all from hand-carved EVA foam. The full costume took over 500 hours to make. The dedication and willpower that Simone Cosplays took while making this cosplay makes her truly a Queen of the North.

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