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10 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplays That Are Too Awesome

From Dio to Jotaro, here are 10 of our favorite Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplays.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplays
Photos Courtesy Instagram

The hit manga series Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure ran from 1987 to 2004 in Weekly Shonen, but continues on even now in a number of animated adaptations and even a live action film in 2017. The characters have been seen cosplayed at conventions for decades, but a new resurgence the past year or two has brought the series back into mainstream popularity. Here’s ten cosplays from the series that will hopefully inspire you to give the anime or manga a try.

10. Arealdorkiehero as Okuyasu Nijimura

Let’s get this list started with an epic cosplay of Diamond is Unbreakable ally Okuyasu Nikimura. Check out Arealdorkiehero’s Instagram where he not only proudly displays his amazing cosplays, but also cosplays from Jo-Jo’s with his best friend acatnamednat and interviews other cosplayers for his YouTube channel.

9. Versachi.ko as Dio Brando

If you love the fashion of Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure as much as the characters and plot, then you’ll want to check out cosplayer Versachi.ko on Instagram. Her feed is filled with fashionable takes on a number of characters from the series including this Dio Brando cosplay that could be printed in any fashion magazine.

8. Black Bettie Cosplay as Bruno Bucciarati

Black Bettie Cosplay is an incredibly talented cosplayer and really shows off her skill at truly becoming a character with her Bruno Bucciarati cosplay. This single photo really doesn’t do justice to the full set of shots from this stylized shoot she did, which combines cosplay with artistic photography.

7. Smallmightcos as Jotaro Kujo

Smallmightcos not only brings Jotaro to life but also gets into the holiday spirit with this cosplay shoot. It’s always fun to see our favorite characters in real-life situations and thatonephotographycosplay sets the scene.

6. CluelessxBelle as Josuke Higashikata

Belle Briggs, aka cluelessxbelle on IG is an accomplished seamstress who has created some impressive cosplays including her take on Josuke. Not only is her outfit slick and her hair perfect, but she’s even got the posing down on point during her shoot with photographer, laydiexskull.

5. Bodaciouscosplay as Caesar Zeppeli

Bodacious’ IG feed is full of fun and colorful cosplays that seem to reflect his personality; especially his Caesar cosplay. Not only is the costume spot on, but his posing is extra and the effect details in the photos from graceandshinephoto, take this shoot up a level. Check out his IG and I guarantee you will smile.

4. Okukyo_nijimura as Risotto

Cosplay tiktoks are incredibly popular and this holiday Risotto tiktok initially caught my attention. Then I went to Okukyo_nijimura’s IG feed and saw the sheer enormity of JJBA cosplays on their feed and every single one encompasses each character perfectly.

3. Azula100 as Jolyne Kujo

Russian cosplayer, azula100 on IG, astounds as Jolyne Kujo. The wig is not only accurate but beautifully so. Combined with artistic makeup where every brush stroke is perfection, this photo from taykonderogaphoto captures the true definition of artistic cosplay.

2. Thanaka_avdol as Avdol

Muhammad Avdol is a main ally in Stardust Crusaders and his look and personality is perfectly captured by cosplayer, Thanaka_avdol. Every piece of jewelry is beautifully constructed and compliments the cosplay and his makeup. His photos of his Avdol cosplay at cons and having fun with his friends in cosplay really put a smile on my face.

1. Kiasangriany as Dio

I love, love, love this Dio look from Kiasangriany on IG. Kiara is a talented cosplayer from NYC who shows off the character that “she loves to hate” in the most fashionable and bold way. This was her first time crossplaying and she did it fabulously. Make sure to head to her YouTube for inspiration, since she has started sewing streams as well.

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