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10 Ahsoka Cosplays To Ready You For This Week's Mandalorian

In the anticipation of possibly having Ahsoka in this week's episode, here are 10 Ahsoka cosplayers that look spot-on!

Ahsoka Cosplayers - The Mandalorian, Rebels, and Clone Wars
Cosplayers (from left to right): Jedimanda (Photography by Alexandra Lee Studios), Rei.Kennex, Ashlas_Workshop (Photography by Phil Creations), and Patti.Maionese

After Ahsoka Tano was announced to be in the new season of The Mandalorian, fans of the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series rejoiced knowing they will be seeing one of their favorite characters coming to the live action screen. With rumors and speculation that Ahsoka will finally be shown in The Mandalorian in this Friday’s episode, cosplayers are already gearing up by sharing their Ahsoka cosplays on social media. Here are 10 Ahsoka cosplayers we have discovered on social media who have truly embodied the Jedi.

10. Kunai Cosplay

Kunai Cosplay’s Ahsoka is certainly a stunning creation. Not only did she make the entire headpiece herself, but also the rest of the cosplay! Even though she isn’t using Ahsoka’s lightsabers in this photo, we do love the idea of her using the infamous blue lightsaber that Anakin, Luke, and Rey all use in the Star Wars universe.

9. Ahsoka94

One of the most heart-wrenching parts of the entire Star Wars universe is knowing that Anakin is going down the path of the Dark Side to become Darth Vader. This photo by Ahsoka94 with Anakin is so beautiful but also reminds us of the sadness that ensues between the Jedi and his Padawan. We're curious to know if this will be referenced in the Mandalorian in the future. Who knows!

8. Princess Mahogany

Princess Mahogany’s Ahsoka is so perfect, especially seeing it side-by-side to her animated counterpart. The cosplayer originally made an Ahsoka makeup test back in 2017 with a more human appearance, but she came out swinging in 2020 with a full Ahsoka headpiece and beautiful makeup to bring the look together.

7. Ashlas_workshop

We may have screamed in excitement the moment we saw this cosplayer’s Ahsoka cosplay. Ashlas Workshop just finished her season 7 Ahsoka cosplay this year and it looks absolutely stunning. From the armor pieces on the legs and arms to the cloak over the headpiece, this cosplay is a sight to behold.

6. Jedimanda

If you haven’t heard of Jedimanda yet and her association with Star Wars, then you’re missing out. She has cosplayed so many Star Wars characters over the years and each one is incredible to see. Her Ahsoka cosplay was all handcrafted by herself down to the needlework and armor. So far she has made two different Ahsoka cosplays, but she is eager to see what her outfit will look like in The Mandalorian so she can start planning a new Ahsoka look as well.

5. Kizuki_Cosplay

The creativity when it comes to Star Wars cosplayers is truly special. Cosplay Kizuki Cosplay made an amazing Ahsoka look with a french plaited wig that was inspired by artist thisuserisalive, who drew Ahsoka in a human appearance. We hope Kizuki will continue to craft other Ahsoka cosplays too because this one is already so well done.

4. Rei.Kennex

Rei.Kennex is an amazing cosplayer who is known throughout the cosplay community specifically for her Ahsoka cosplays. She has nailed the look of Ahsoka in every one of her photos that we had a hard time just choosing one. Plus, she also does other Star Wars cosplays such as Rey and Iden Versio from Star Wars Battlefront 2 that are just as impressive.

3. Patti.Maionese

If there’s one thing fans are excited to see, it’s the interaction between Baby Yoda and Ahsoka in The Mandalorian. This casual Ahsoka cosplay by Patti Maionese is so good because it shows what the Jedi may look like if it were in a modern setting. We can only hope that Ahsoka will grab herself a cup of blue milk and take care of Baby Yoda like the Jedi she is like Patti has done in this photo.

2. Nonbinate

Nonbinate’s Ahsoka cosplay is absolutely stunning and we wish that we could see it in person at a convention. From the headpiece to the overall cosplay, it looks like something that could be seen in a live action show. They also totally nailed the signature Ahsoka expression in this photo so well that we first thought it was a screenshot.

1. Indiespeeder

The moment we saw Indie Speeder’s little girl cosplaying as Ahsoka, we immediately started tearing up. This cosplay is so cute and well done and goes to show that Ahsoka is a character who is loved by many in the fandom. Indie Speeder also handcrafts strollers and wagons for their daughter so that she can embrace her love of Star Wars. Honestly everything about this cosplay is enough to bring joy to anyone, and it’s why we had to put her as number one on our list.

A new episode of The Mandalorian premieres this Friday, November 27, on Disney+.

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