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This French Cosplayer Is A Real Life Rapunzel From Tangled

Cosplayer Lily on the Moon is a real life Disney princess in her Rapunzel cosplay.

Cosplayer Lily on the Moon (photo courtesy Instagram) and her Disney princess counterpart
Cosplayer Lily on the Moon (courtesy Instagram) and her Disney princess counterpart (courtesy Disney's Tangled)

Disney princess cosplays have been steadily on the rise as more and more Disney movies are released. Disney's Frozen brought a major increase in Disney cosplays, and more and more cosplayers are turning to the animated movies to cosplay these iconic characters.

Ophelia, a cosplayer from France also known as Lily on the Moon, has cosplayed almost every Disney princess out there. But she is most known for her Rapunzel, and she is the spitting image of the lost princess. Ophelia started cosplaying Rapunzel back in 2015, and has been upgrading the look each time she makes a new dress. So far she has undergone several different transformations of Rapunzel, and has done looks such as her long braided flower hair to the short-haired brunette look.

Ophelia's video of acting as Rapunzel has garnered an impressive 49,000 likes on Instagram, with over 385,000 views. She even uses her real hair at points in the video, which works perfectly for Rapunzel even when not wearing the wig.

Ophelia also collaborated with fellow cosplayers Nikita Cosplay and Nad Cosplay into recreating the other female characters in the movie. Nad Cosplay portrays Mother Gothel, the witch that locks Rapunzel in the tower for 18 years and pretends to be her mother. Nikita cosplays as Rapunzel's real mother, Queen Arianna. Both Nad and Nikita made their own dresses, and they all come together to create truly stunning images that look like they came straight off the screen.

If that wasn't enough to prove that she's the real life Rapunzel, then check out this set of photos. Ophelia is seen with her fiancé, Han Jones Cosplay, as Flynn Rider. Not only did they match the scenes perfectly, but they are also the ultimate Disney couple as both Flynn and Rapunzel. The photoshoot was even taken at Mont Saint-Michel, the real life island that inspired the kingdom of Corona in Tangled. Talk about a scene straight out of the movie!

From being engaged to a real life Flynn Rider, sewing her own dresses, and even taking photos with fellow Tangled cosplayers, Ophelia is certainly the real Rapunzel. She also doesn't seem to be stopping with being the queen of quarantine, since she is already working on another Rapunzel dress. We can't wait to see!

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