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Disney's New Marvel Documentary Series Highlights Cosplayers

The Disney Plus show's 5th episode centers around five cosplayers gearing up for New York Comic Con.

Cosplayer CutiePieSensei poses for photos at New York Comic Con. (Photo courtesy Marvel's 616 on Disney Plus)
Cosplayer CutiePieSensei poses for photos at New York Comic Con. (Photo courtesy Marvel's 616 on Disney Plus)

Disney+ has recently released a new documentary series named Marvel's 616, which explores the "cultural, societal, and historical impacts of the Marvel Universe and its intersection with the everyday world". Some episodes center around different topics such as Japanese Spider-Man, representation in Marvel Comics, and even toys and comics. But episode 5 of the series is truly special as it highlights five cosplayers and their quest to complete cosplays for New York Comic Con.

The episode features cosplayers CutiePieSensei, ElegantFeatherDuster, StrongInCostume, and ZiaCosplay. The episode shows each cosplayer at home working on their cosplays and their background in the field, with all leading up to their debut at New York Comic Con 2019.

The show starts with Jasmine (CutiePieSensei) showing her cosplays that she photographs for her social media accounts with the help of her husband. She specifically highlights her Black Panther cosplay, which shows Shuri as the Black Panther and what she could look like if she took the mantle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She also talks about how representation in the Marvel universe matters and why Shuri's character is such an empowerment for black women.

Courtesy Disney Plus Marvel's 616
CutiePieSensei as Shuri's Black Panther.

We then get to see ElegantFeatherDuster (Marcy) in New York City sharing their favorite cosplays of Doctor Strange and Lady Loki. They even show their excitement of being able to go to the Garment District in NYC and getting to check out all of the fabric that can be used for various cosplays. Marcy also explains how cosplay can help share representation for everyone regardless of gender.

Courtesy Disney Plus Marvel's 616
ElegantFeatherDuster as Lady Loki.

The episode then shows husband and wife Trish and Josh (StrongInCostume) and their relationships to the Marvel universe. The documentary highlights their efforts to create a comic-accurate Captain America suit a week before the convention using needlework, 3D-printing, and foamwork. Trish also goes in cosplay as Peggy Carter, making the two of them the ultimate cosplay couple. They have even inspired their daughters to cosplay as well.

Courtesy Disney Plus Marvel's 616
StronginCostumes as both Peggy Carter and Captain America.

The final cosplayer is Amanda (ZiaCosplay), a cosplayer from Texas who shares her cosplay journey from her first outfits to her newest creations. Amanda explains that her day job of owning a dog hotel has been heavily inspired by Marvel, with one of her dogs even being named after the legendary comic book artist, Jack Kirby. She mainly makes cosplays for her dogs Kirby and Merly, two of her service dogs who help with her autism. Amanda's main cosplay is Moon Knight because he was one of the earliest superheroes to show having a disability, but she also highlights her Cable cosplay as well.

Courtesy Disney Plus Marvel's 616
ZiaCosplay as Cable with Deadpool cosplayers.

The documentary also features each cosplay at New York Comic Con and their experiences at the convention. Even though they have different cosplays, their thoughts are the same: it's a place to get together and share their love for both Marvel and cosplay.

Marvel's 616 is now streaming on Disney+.

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