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Eugene Lee Yang Cosplays As Zuko And Azula From Avatar: The Last Airbender

The internet celebrity cosplayed both Azula and Zuko for Halloween and the results are incredible.

Eugene Lee Yang with Azula and Zuko
Photos Courtesy Facebook & Nickelodeon

Eugene Lee Yang, an internet celebrity known best for his work on the YouTube Channel The Try Guys, has been known to do signature costumes every Halloween. In the past he's done characters such as Mulan, Ash from Pokemon, and even Rufio from Hook. For this year's Halloween he may have truly outdone himself by putting together costumes of both Azula and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

With to the recent popularity in the Nickelodeon series due to its release on Netflix earlier this year, it's no wonder Eugene was ready to take on the challenge of cosplaying both the iconic Fire Nation characters. He first revealed his Zuko cosplay on Twitter and fans from around the world immediately praised the costume and liked it a whopping 86,000 times.

While fans were suspecting Eugene to only cosplay as Zuko, he decided to reveal his Azula cosplay with a Wipe It Down challenge video that he also posted on Twitter. The video features Eugene as Zuko wiping a rag over the mirror, causing him to change into Zuko's younger sister, Azula. The video has been liked almost 250,000 times and people across the internet raved about his reveal.

Eugene has since continued to share his Avatar cosplays through a series of professional photographs. His Azula photoset features him as Azula using lightning, the element that Azula uses at certain points of the show.

His most recent Tweet is a beautiful photoset featuring himself as both Azula and Zuko. The photos show not only the beautiful costumes that created, but also the struggle between both brother and sister that is seen throughout the show.

With Eugene's impressive and creative Halloween costumes this year as both Azula and Zuko, it's going to be hard to beat this next year. Plus, if Netflix is still looking for somebody to play either Zuko or Azula in the live action (or both), then they need to call this guy immediately!

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