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Mandalorian Cosplayer Does Epic Cosplay Photoshoot With Baby Yoda

This cosplayer turns The Child into a Mandalorian and has a full father-son moment in an adorable photoshoot.

Baby Yoda and Mandalorian
Photos Courtesy Shawn Richter (Facebook)

With The Mandalorian Season 2 finally coming out on Disney Plus today, cosplayers left and right are posting their Mandalorian looks they have created in the past year since Season 1. Cosplayer Shawn Richter, an avid fan of the series, has not only put together a full Mandalorian cosplay for himself, but also a set of Beskar armor for his little Baby Yoda.

Most of Shawn's Beskar armor for his Mandalorian cosplay was created through 3D-printing, with a few pieces crafted using Sintra plastic and foam. He applied the same techniques to The Child's armor, and scaled it down to fit one of Mattel's The Child plush toys that are available at stores across the country. Shawn then took his new armored Child and wore it with his own Mandalorian cosplay, ensuing in some adorable photos that really make The Mandalorian feel like a true father to The Child.

Shawn's Beskar version of Baby Yoda gained so much love in the cosplay community that he even created its own Instagram page known as Beskar Baby Yoda. He has also sewn Jedi robes for the little Baby Yoda, a nod to the character using the Force in Season 1.

For those that are looking to create Beskar armor for their own Baby Yoda, do not fret. Shawn is currently working on selling his 3D print files of The Child's Beskar armor in the near future. Now we just want to know if The Child in the show will also have his own Beskar armor (or even Jedi robes). Either way, Shawn's photoshoot of the two Mandalorian characters are enough to keep us gushing over the characters while we wait for each new episode to come out.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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