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Modifying A Wonder Woman Cosplay In Partnership With Party City

Plexi Cosplay in a Wonder Woman cosplay
Plexi Cosplay for Cosplay Central

One of this year’s most anticipated films, Wonder Woman 84, is making Halloween costume shopping a breeze for women. The classic films got a new look in 2017 with Gal Gadot’s version of Wonder Woman, and now the costume has experienced yet another upgrade in the coming film, slated for a December 2020 release.

Party City is ahead of the game, releasing their WW84 costume for the 2020 holiday season, and the details on it are truly wonderful! Sharp lines and fitted dress make for a really stunning costume, so upgrading a quality cosplay from right out of the box leaves little to do.

These upgrades will not only add a detail missing from the costume in the box but will also make for a better fit on the armbands.


Upgrade #1: Armbands

The armbands for biceps look sharp, but the elastic attachment takes away from the metallic look of the bands themselves. Also, I found that they were quite large for my arms and wouldn’t stay in place.

Plexi Cosplay

Rather than simply cincing the bands smaller, I wanted to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and remove the elastic altogether. Instead, it’s easy to turn the fabric into cuffs with a little bit of Worbla backing.

Plexi Cosplay

First, cut the elastic section of the armbands off and discard, leaving you with the flat facing of the armband (the part that is most visible from the outside of your bicep).

Plexi Cosplay

If you don’t have Worbla, cutting out a horizontal strip of plastic bottle can get the job done.

Heat a strip of Worbla that is about 1” wide and as long as the length of the fabric arm band, minus the elastic that was just removed. Then, heat with a heat gun until the Worbla is soft and pliable.

Plexi Cosplay

Shape the Worbla around a circular surface like a spray can and allow to cool. If you cut a strip of a bottle, it should already have a circular shape!

Plexi Cosplay

Next, use hot glue to glue the armband onto the Worbla. The glue will likely soften sections of the Worbla, so you will probably need to replace it with the armband attachment onto a can to cool and retain the circular shape.

Plexi Cosplay
Plexi Cosplay

Once it’s dry, cut off any Worbla that may be sticking out, and your armbands are ready to go!

Plexi Cosplay
Plexi Cosplay

Upgrade #2: Hand Wraps

One of the details missing from this costume is the brown hand wraps that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman dons in every movie.

Plexi Cosplay

There are a lot of fabric choices you can go with for these, but I simply picked up some brown fabric scraps from my bin that matched the dark brown color from the movies.

You can also use leather or old belts for this!

Cut a strip about 2” wide and 2ft long -- and do this twice (once for each hand wrap).

Plexi Cosplay

Then, rather than fussing with a whole attachment system, you can easily wrap the fabric starting at your palm and going around the middle of your hand and then around the wrist. I tucked the end of the fabric back under at the palm to secure.

Plexi Cosplay
Plexi Cosplay

Finishing Touches

You can certainly use the cuff tutorial above to turn the headband also into a cuff that fits like a crown versus the elastic attachment, but this is totally up to you. I actually like the fit of the elastic headband and opted to keep this.

Don’t forget to add a big helping of confidence and red lipstick to finish off your upgraded Wonder Woman costume!

Plexi Cosplay

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