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Modifying A Fallout Cosplay In Partnership With Party City

Master prop builder Odin Makes partners with Cosplay Central and Party City to create a Vault Dweller outfit using a Pip-Boy, prop hammer, and Fallout costume.

Master prop builder Odin Makes has partnered with Cosplay Central and Party City to put together a Fallout cosplay using a Vault Dweller suit, a prop hammer, and prop Pip-Boy from Party City. In this step-by-step video, Odin guides you through modifying props and the costume using simple painting, sewing, and foam techniques to create a truly masterful Fallout cosplay perfect for Halloween.

With the help of his friends Felicia and Joe, Odin takes on the challenge to create a full Vault Dweller Fallout cosplay. He first takes a Party City sledgehammer prop and embellishes it by attaching old lightsaber toy parts, a fondue handle, PVC pipe, and a fondue handle using contact cement and epoxy.

The Pip-Boy was painted over with a white primer to be repainted in more accurate colors to the game by Odin's friend, Joe. He spent a couple hours repainting the Pip-Boy and then added the same stickers that were originally on the prop.

The vault suit had minor sewing alterations done to it by adding a more gold fabric to the front using a gold skirt that was also from Party City. Odin's friend Felicia helped with the suit and also added extra padding using contact cement and foam. The numbers on the back of the suit were also modified to have a raised look with foam and then with gold fabric to match the front.

Odin finishes the look with a handcrafted pauldron using old leather knee pads and a harness to hold it in place. The completed suit looks straight out of the game!

Odin Makes in partnership with Party City

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