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Umbrella Academy Stars On Dressing As Their Characters

New season means more cosplay.

If you're Umbrella Academy fans like us, you're already counting down until July 31. That's the special day the show's second season will be dropping, according to Netflix.

It's been a long time coming for the second season. But when we caught up with Umbrella Academy stars Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison) and Robert Sheehan (Klaus), our burning question was cosplay related: we wanted to know what their reactions are when meeting cosplayers playing their characters. "It's so exciting!" Emmy explained to Cosplay Central. "Especially when they have a whole group of their friends like a Grace and a Pogo and a Luther and a Klaus. When they get the whole gang together it's just so exciting."

They also discuss their favorite cosplays they’ve seen (full of incredibly crafted crowns and Bumblebees), advice for those wanting to cosplay as them, and their “dream” cosplays if they ever wanted to dress up.

Emmy says that if you're wanting to cosplay her character, you should "get a wig". But if you're like Robert, then maybe "just waxing it off" may be better for cosplaying Klaus. Those leg hairs may get caught in all that leather, after all. Or if you're like Robert and enjoy both Umbrella Academy and Labyrinth, maybe you can make a Prince Jareth/Klaus mashup cosplay. That would definitely be something that we would want to see!

Either way, it's best to start getting your Umbrella Academy cosplays together in anticipation for the new season! The new season premieres on July 31st on Netflix.

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