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Jessilyn Cupcake Crosses The Borderlands

This Mad Moxxi cosplayer brought the video game character to life.

“Jessilyn Cupcake” is an avid fan of the Borderlands series and has poured that passion into her Mad Moxxi cosplay. The entire cosplay took 80 hours to complete, with extra attention spent on details such as celshading to recreate the illusion that she has stepped out of the game. Looking at reference photos, she copied every line and detail from character. The wig was Jessilyn’s first attempt and was constructed from EVA foam. The belt, necklace, and accessories are made out of EVA foam. The bodice was patterned and sewn from scratch and the flowers and details were hand-painted.

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Brian Jacks is the executive producer of digital content for ReedPop. In a former life he recreated movie trailers using Legos. He remains forever awed by the creativity of the cosplay community.