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Crown Championships of Cosplay: Blood Priestess Bathory Cosplay

Comic Con Africa Winner and 1st place winner overall JinxKittie Cosplay as the Blood Priestess Bathory by Cinderys.
A cosplayer of 5 years now, this is her biggest cosplay yet. Presenting a grim dark fantasy take on Elizabeth Bathory - a High Priestess of the Cult of Blood. She spent over 1000 hours on this cosplay over 5 months. Every sewn element of this costume follows historical methods, and is adorned with filigree hand embroidery, thousands of pearls and realistic ribbon roses. The armour features hand sculpted skull details, filigree decor, and realistic weathering with tarnish, blood and real rust. The spiked back-piece and functioning motorised gyroscope staff were 3D designed, printed and finished by herself, with resin filigree and gems, painted to look old yet beautiful, nodding to the ancient character that is Bathory.

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