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Crown Championships Of Cosplay: Firebird Final Fantasy Cosplay

MCM Winner Calley Macleod from the UK as the Firebird Mount from Final Fantasy XIV.
With the world concerned with environmental impact and Calley being permanently broke, this costume is Eco-Friendly and on an extreme budget! This cosplay was made from mostly recycled, salvaged or re-purposed materials. Cereal boxes, Newspaper and PVA glue were used for solid parts, and polyethylene underlay foam and broken curtain rods that were being thrown away were given another life and used for the wings and tail. The fabrics were very cheap or from offcuts and have been hand-painted with feather designs and all hand edged with glitter. The costume took 13 days to build, most of which involved making individual feathers or hand soldering the 3000 LEDs that lit this whole costume.

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