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Crown Championships of Cosplay: Gul'dan World of Warcraft Cosplay

Comic Con Seoul winner lanha as Gul'dan from World of Warcraft.
This World of Warcraft cosplay is impressive! The mask was designed by making a basic model, covering with plaster, pouring latex foam and baking in the oven. The mustache was made of artificial hair and glue. The armor was made with Eva Foam and painted using acrylic paint. The fabric pieces were created by sewing thick blackout cloth, suede, and linen. She used intentional rips to have a weathered and old look. She also had a luminous glyph, giving clear look in darkness. There is a 24V LED bar that is used in shoulder and wrist. lanha said that this masterpiece is made by all possible skills: armor manufacture, special makeup, costume design and special effects like LED and smoke.

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