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Crown Championships of Cosplay: Mario Nintendo Cosplay

New York Comic Con Winner Akellyz with his original take on Mario from Nintendo.

Whenever you play a videogame, it allows you to sumerge on a new world. Thanks to cosplay, I was able to bring those worlds and characters into the real life. Mario’s Cosplay is inspired in a realistic and post-apocaliptic Mario bros.

Each of the elements has it’s own use and reason: Mario being able to use them as tools to survive on a decadent Mushroom Kingdom. Influenced by movies such as Mad Max and 1993 Super Mario Bros, games like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Borderlands and DeathStranding, a new and challenging Mario design is born.

The creation of this cosplay took around one year. Starting with design, wardrobe and make up to continue with material selection, sawing process, prosthetics elaboration and props. Two coats of paint were applied, first one for “aging” and second one for a “Cell Shading” effect. The most fun part of the suit was to make each character and gave the a new purpose and design such as Yoshi but always keeping the suit theme.

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