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10 Avatar Cosplays That Will Make You Want To Watch The Show Again

From Katara and Aang to our favorite Uncle Iroh, here are 10 amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplays.

Avatar Headline FINAL
Cosplay Central (photos courtesy of Facebook/Twitter)

When Nickeldeon first premiered Avatar: The Last Airbender back in 2005, nobody realized how much of a cultural phenomenon it would create. In the last 15 years since the show’s first episode, it has been deemed one of the greatest shows of all time. The show may have been a “kids show,” but it addressed about war, tyranny, refugees, genocide, etc. In addition to this, it also created huge depth and development in its characters, as well as taking inspiration from real-world cultures for each of the four nations.

Now that the show has returned on Netflix, Avatar quickly became the #1 show on the streaming platform. It proves that many people are still wanting to go back and rewatch the show, and even having people who’ve never seen it to watch as well. In this week’s 10 cosplay feature, we wanted to highlight some incredible cosplayers who embody the characters they portray from the show.

10. Magicaa.png

Yue Cosplay (magicaa.png with photography by The Varient)
Photography by The Varient. Courtesy Facebook

Magicaa.png is such a perfect Yue, from the braided hair to the iconic fur-lined dress that the princess wears in the first season. We also love some of the creative liberties that she took with this cosplay as well. The laced trim just below the fur on the sleeves and the decorations in her hair help show the elegance of the Northern Water Tribe princess. Such a great cosplay!

9. Reyla_cosplay, dina.stia, & mimokk.dap

Kyoshi Warriors
Photography provided by Loli Takanori. Courtesy Facebook

The Kyoshi warriors were some of the coolest fighters in the series, and this group cosplay is no different! Reyla_cosplay, dina.stia, and mimokk.dap all bring the heat by portraying the female warriors perfectly. With their signature face paint and samurai-like robes, these women are ready to go into battle against the fire lord!

8. Sennedjem Cosplay

Sennedjem Cosplay
Courtesy Facebook

We can’t get enough of Sennedjem Cosplay’s fire nation Aang! They look like they walked straight off the screen from season 3 and into the real world. The shoes are definitely our favorite part of the cosplay because they look exactly like the ones from the show. Sennedjem used worbla and a preexisting shoe to create the look! Also, we can’t get enough of the fact that they made the airbending trick a reality!

7. CutiePieSensei

Katara Cosplay
Courtesy Twitter

Cutiepiesensei’s Katara is another cosplay that looks like it could become a part of the live action TV series. She certainly made sure no detail was left unchecked, from the hair accessories to the strap for Katara’s water jug on her back. She has also cosplayed Katara’s fire nation outfit and Korra from the sequel series. We love all her Avatar universe cosplays!

6. Nimblenoor

Sokka Cosplay
Courtesy Twitter

Nimblenoor’s love for Avatar: The Last Airbender definitely shows with their warrior Sokka cosplay. Every part of the cosplay was patterned by themself, and the fur lining took two full days to sew! Nimblenoor has also cosplayed Sokka’s main show outfit, but it doesn’t stop there. Throughout their time cosplaying, they’ve also cosplayed Katara, Zuko, and Mei! Talk about dedication!

5. CassandraCosplays

Azula - CassandraCosplays
Courtesy Facebook

CassandraCosplays’ Azula absolutely SLAYS. The armor is incredible with all the intricate details that really show off a true Fire Nation look. Our favorite detail are the East Asian dragons on the pauldrons, which looks exactly like the two dragons in the third season. Cassandra even has the signature Azula smirk down and looks like she’s ready to have an Agni Kai showdown with Zuko. Incredible!

4. Aara.lee

Toph - Aara.lee with photography by "photographybyamiee.com" (taken from FB)
Photo by Photography by Amie. E. Courtesy Facebook

Toph was one of the greatest characters of the show not just from her sheer strength and fun personality, but also being one of the first characters to show that her blindness didn’t inhibit her ability to live her life. Aara.lee embodies Toph perfectly, from the determined facial expression to the overall cosplay look. The hair is styled flawlessly as well, making her look like she jumped right from the screen.

3. TrackHeadBree

Aang Cosplay
Courtesy Twitter

TrackHeadBree’s Aang is such a great look! We love how she painted the airbender markings on both her arms and forehead, and the color is perfect that it looks like it almost glows! The pose is also perfectly in sync with Aang’s, complete with the look like she’s ready to go into battle against the Fire Lord. Also, this is her first time making a cosplay! We couldn’t believe it!

2. Nipah DUBS

Zuko & Fire Lord Ozai
Courtesy Facebook

NipahDubs’ Zuko cosplay is so epic we had to highlight it! We love all the detailing he put into the future Fire Lord’s outfit, especially the dragons on the pauldrons and the hanging sash. The trim also looks like fire, which adds even more to Zuko’s firebending ability. He also managed to find a perfect-looking Ozai at a convention as well, who looks like you would not want to mess with him during Sozin’s Comet!

Note: We were unable to find Ozai’s social media handle. If you know who this is, please send us an email at contact@cosplaycentral.com so we can credit!

1. Uncle Iroh Cosplay

Photography by Tommyish. Courtesy Facebook

Uncle Iroh is, in our honest opinion, the best character in the entire Avatar series. Many wish they could have an uncle like Iroh, which is where we bring you to cosplayer Uncle Iroh Cosplay! His outfit perfectly reflects the Dragon of the West down to the perfect beard. It’s even real and styled exactly like the signature fire bender! We also love the added touch with him lifting the tea cup as if he’s about to sit us down for a nice cup of Jasmine tea. We'd certainly join this Iroh cosplayer for some tea!

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