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10 Captain America Cosplays Who Are Worthy To Carry The Shield

The real Steve Rogers would be proud of these cosplayers.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe
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After watching last week’s episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+, we are officially hyped for the rest of the season. Anthony Mackie stars alongside Sebastian Stan as the heroes who must face life after the events of Avengers: Endgame and without a Captain America. Here are some spoilers, so if you just want to look at some awesome cosplays, scroll down a bit.

Both heroes make some big decisions in the first episode. Anthony Mackie’s character, Sam Wilson, doesn’t want to be the next Captain America, and Sebastian Stan’s character, Bucky, is finished being the Winter Soldier. Oh, and Bucky won’t respond back to Sam’s texts. How rude. The world has changed since the Blip, but one thing has stayed the same, crime. We get a sneak peek of the bad guy who will hopefully bring our heroes together to fight for justice.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Episode 1 “New World Order” begins with Sam Wilson having a glorious battle with an unknown enemy, and then diving into how he doesn’t feel like the shield belongs to him. He makes a heartbreaking yet beautiful speech about how “Symbols are nothing without the women and men that give them meaning” and then donates the shield to the Captain America Museum.

The audience gets a brief tour of the museum, which gives remembrance of Captain America’s accomplishments and displays a few suits there. This made us want to share some of Captain America’s cosplays throughout his years in the MCU.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America, played by Chris Evans, has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011 when he made his introduction in Captain America: The First Avenger. Before receiving the super-soldier serum, Steve Rogers was treated like a joke and typically bullied. But his past didn’t stop him from finding his confidence and becoming a fearless war-time leader. He’s admired by everyone around him because he’s always put himself on the front line to protect others.

Captain America continues to stick to his morals throughout the MCU and eventually passes the shield to Sam Wilson after the events of Endgame. Once Cap left, the Avengers lost their glue that held them together. Will Sam Wilson be the new leader the Avengers need? We sure hope so. While The Falcon makes his decision, let’s remember Captain America through some fantastic cosplays.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Cosplaying for over ten years, Strongincostume is a family man with two cosplaying daughters. He’s a professional photographer and dabbles in cinematography from time to time. Stongincostume makes props and sells them on his Etsy store in addition to working on costumes. He’s 1/3 of @3geekdesigns as well, which is a costume and prop making company.

For this version of Cap, Strongincostume had help from @gothamgarmentsupply and @scrappercostuming. With seven 3D printers, Strongincostume constantly casts his own molds. The details on his latex helmet are stunning, and the texture of his bodysuit is true to form. When he’s dressed as Cap, his wife regularly matches him as Peggy Carter.

Heavily influenced by Alex Ross’s artwork, this version of Cap was made for the Disney+ documentary Marvel 616. When Steve Rogers wear’s his first costume, the USO suit, it’s a cotton uniform with a winged mask, red boots, and shorts over his tights. His version of the suit takes inspiration from the classic comic’s designed by Jack Kirby. He also uses his shield to read his lines to drum up war bond sales instead of taking bullets. Steve Rogers gets fed up being the entertainment and breaks the mold by saving his buddy’s platoon. He proves that he’s meant for more than being just a puppet.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

JPRcosplay looks like he’s ready to take down an entire platoon solo. He just looks that cool. Usually, JPRcosplay has a beard, so we didn’t even recognize him when we saw this photo. He puts a lot of time and effort into finding his cosplay pieces and creating something extraordinary. Some of our favorites include Infinity War Thor, A Nazgul from Lord Of The Rings, and of course, Batjoker. His Batjoker was inspired by a @hottoyscollectible collection and pairs swimmingly with his clown princess of crime girlfriend, @little.wolff. They totally receive the most deadly couple award!

JPRcosplay wears the rescue suit from Captain America: First Avenger, where Steve Rogers finally gets into the action. Rogers learns of Bucky’s unit being captured by enemy soldiers and that no one will go after them. He decides to go on a one-man mission to save his best friend, but he can’t go wearing his USO costume. Rogers quickly covers it up with cargo pants, a leather jacket, and combat boots. Before he leaves, he takes one of the Star Spangled Singers helmets and his ornamental triangular shield.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captaincosplay truly embodies Steve Rogers in the sense that they are both honorable and full of dad jokes. This actor turned cosplayer knows how to work on a budget. He decided to cosplay after watching Captain America: The First Avenger, and instead of purchasing this incredible suit, Captaincosplay ambitiously built it from scratch.

He knows how to work on a budget, so this cosplayer utilized thrift stores and some interesting cooking products. His suit is made up of a weave of fabrics that he custom dyed in his kitchen and cut-up leather jackets. He also made molds using hot glue and cooking spray as a release agent. As time went on, he made a couple of upgrades and now owns an SA buckle gifted to him by Kevin Gossett at a USO for Operation: Snowball Express charity event.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Over the years, Captaincosplay has traveled around the world in his suit while attending movie premieres, walking convention floors, and participating in charity work. No matter where this cosplayer goes, he always makes sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

This First Avenger suit comes to creation once Captain America shows the army what kind of hero he can be. He collaborates with Howard Stark on his new uniform to be made out of carbon polyester fabric, making it bullet proof and stab-resistant. Captain America also receives his unique and iconic shield, now made out of vibranium.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captaindandyandy is our Star Spangled Man with only 12% of a plan. At least that’s what his Instagram says. Regardless, Captaindandyandy looks incredible in his Avengers cosplay (who doesn’t love a good power pose)! He’s been cosplaying Captain America for years but occasionally suits up as Prince Charming for his Cinderella, @Cupid.Cosplay.

If they aren’t cosplaying together, they’re taking each other’s photos. A pretty talented couple, if we may say so. His cosplay here is made by @leatherfashionvalley, and it’s not the only costume he has by them.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

From the photo above, Captaindandyandy has purchased all the base suits for his Cap, plus The Avengers boots, gloves and belt, and the Endgame boot covers and gloves from Leather Fashion Valley. The store is even having a “Great Cosplayer Budget Sale” that ends on March 31st. No matter what suit Captaindandyandy wears, he always honors the shield.

In The Avengers, Captain America returns after being gone for about seventy-two years to a world crisis. Not having much time to suit up, Cap wears a suit reminiscent of his USO uniform now made by SHIELD. This standard suit doesn’t come with much protection as it’s made with ordinary materials making it only slightly armored. However, it does come with a utility belt.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

WorldofGwendana may be trying to be covert in this tactical version of Cap, but he looks so good we can’t keep our eyes off of this magnificent cosplay! Well known for his photography, Worldofgwendana didn’t get into the cosplay scene until around 2015. He mostly wore closet cosplays until something sparked while watching The Winter Soldier. He knew what he had to do.

First, he changed his diet and started a new workout routine (he thought he was too tall and lanky at the time) to get into Captain America shape by Dragoncon of 2019. He then got his costume from @WhiteSheepLeather, and it fit like a glove.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

His Instagram name “The World of Gwendana” is a project that was started in honor of his mother, Gwendolyn. The project explores a creative outlet blending multiple photography genres through digital art, costuming, and storytelling that shares fantastical tales and fables from other worlds.

If Conventions start-up in 2021, there may be a new Captain America cosplay in the works from Worldofgwendana or perhaps, something from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America’s darker blue suit is meant for covert missions and has a communicator installed inside his glove. Caps suit also gains a magnetic attachment on his back to easily access his shield better.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alyson Tabbitha brings a new meaning to the phrase: cosplay chameleon. Her recreations are always on point due to her makeup skills and the amount of research she puts into recreating each character. Alyson has a youtube channel where she makes cosplay tutorials that go through the steps of becoming an entirely different person (this girl knows how to handle contour like it’s second nature).

She also has an online store where you can purchase cosplay patterns that she has created. Her printable patterns are super affordable and a 10/10 recommendation if you want to start constructing your own cosplays.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alyson’s suit is store-bought with a few upgrades. She added padding underneath to make herself look bulkier and for her shoulders to look broader. She poses her face to push out her jaw more to get that Chris Evans Smolder we all adore. We can’t wait to see what character Alyson will turn herself into next!

Thanks to Tony Stark, Captain America’s Age of Ultron suit is a very modern Captain America look. It’s reminiscent of his stealth uniform from The Winter Soldier, but it has those bright colors that SHIELD loves so much.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

There’s only one word for this cosplay, and it’s badass. O.B.Arkham’s cosplay isn’t a direct replica from any film; however, it takes inspiration from the Avengers video game and many other designs. For the base of this cosplay, O.B.Arkham uses @Whitesheepleather’s Age of Ultron design. He and his buddies @Ecto-Titan and @TheFoamsmith made the vest out of EVA foam covered with different types of fabrics and a few layers of details. He sports a Marvel Legends Captain America shield with a paint job provided with help by @majincustoms, who’s a magician with an airbrush.

His whole team of builders constantly help each other create some epic cosplays that any hero would be proud of. According to O.B.Arkham, he sees cosplay as a multiverse, and he loves when cosplayers create their own versions of their favorite characters. This blue shield is incredible and rarely seen in use by other cosplayers as it doesn’t make an official appearance in the MCU. Some people think it does during a battle in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but this hasn’t been confirmed.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Is this cosplayer Misch.Axel or Chris Evans because holy HYDRA, we love it! Misch.Axel truly transformed into Captain America with this cosplay, but that’s how they work with every cosplay. By using their wig styling/ make-up artist expertise, Mish.Axel transforms effortlessly into characters like Elsa, All Might, and Geralt of Rivia.

But they don’t keep their tips and tricks to themself. They share them on their youtube page, where you can easily follow how to become each character. For this cosplay, in particular, Misch.Axel styled their own hair to look like Steves but had to use a fake beard that they sewed together themselves. The shields are made by @fakeforge, and the suit is from @cosplaysky.

The Infinity War suit that Captain America wears has the same functionality as the Civil War suit. There’s an element of wear and tear on this suit due to Captain America not having the resources to make it shiny after each fight since he’s technically a fugitive from SHIELD. And the star is removed.

After Black Panther has his iconic “Get this man a shield” line, Steve receives two hydraulic shields that strap onto his arm instead of his old Vibranium shield. Once he begins fighting Thanos, Captain America gets a few hits before resorting to using his own strength against the most powerful being in the MCU.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kidcaptainamerica is a cosplayer that we can all look up to. After watching all of the Toby Maguire Spiderman movies, he started to delve more into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he found his love for Captain America.

A little while later, at Disneyland, he made his first cosplay purchase with his birthday money to buy a Cap suit. Once he donned the costume, he fully became Kidcaptainamerica by walking around giving salutes and head nods. His mother, Lindsey, fully supports his cosplay endeavors and even dabbles in creating costumes for him, including his Quantum Realm suit. Lindsey made the pattern by hand and used EVA foam to create this awesome cosplay.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kidcaptainamerica devotes his page to his favorite Disney characters like Luke Skywalker, Spiderman, and Star-Lord. He’s a master photo recreator who has a bright future in the cosplay scene. Captain America’s quantum realm suit is made by Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The suit allows the wearer to not be affected by the quantum realm and materializes around the wearer’s outfit via nanotechnology.


Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers, Assemble. Cap.Mathias_Cosplay brings us back to the battlefield of Endgame with his incredible battle-damaged Captain America cosplay. The amount of time and care that Cap.Mathias_Cosplay pours into each cosplay is evident. He has a story saved on Instagram where he goes through what it took to build his Captain America.

Though he had a few mishaps along the ride, he created this masterpiece beautifully. Two hundred and fifty plus scales cover his suit. He made his own templates and cut out individual pieces of foam to create these feather-like panels. Then the scales went through the process of plastidip, painting, and attachment. His belt, harness, and star all needed altercations and a bit of touch-up paint.

Captain America Cosplays From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Mathias weathered the suit using actual dirt and modified a Marvel Legends shield to be cracked to recreate Captain America’s roughened-up look. Add a dash of dirt and fake blood to the face, and you have Cap.Mathias_Cosplays perfect rendition of Endgame’s Cap.

The Endgame suit design mirrors the stealth suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier is meant to be more tactical and durable and not extravagant. This is the last suit we see Chris Evan in, and it’s truly a work of art. We say farewell to our first avenger and welcome a new hero to take Captain America’s mantle.

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