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10 Cyberpunk Cosplays To Celebrate The Game's Release

Welcome to the future with these 10 Cyberpunk 2077 cosplays.

Photos Courtesy Instagram
Photos Courtesy Instagram

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of CyberPunk 2077. This upcoming action role-playing game is an open world filled with extensive character customization options that will overload any cosplayer's mainframe. With that in mind, cosplayers worldwide are already putting their best work forward with their own creative twists. Check out these 10 cosplayers who brought their Cyberpunk cosplays into the future.

10. Maul Cosplay

Maul Cosplay is an identical match to Keanu Reeves’ Character, Johnny Silverhand. Maul is known for his cosplays of Darth Maul, The Witcher, and Arthur Morgan. Something you might not know is this cosplay has been a long time coming. Ever since October 31st of 2019, Maul Cosplay has prepared his followers with not only this cosplay but a forty-minute short film to accompany it with some of the best stuntmen in the world.

9. Sewpoke Cosplay

We are absolutely floored by this Mantis blade girl from the 2013 teaser created by Sewpoke Cosplay. She made the base of her costume, including the corset, and made the mechanical tech mantis blades using foam, vinyl wrap, self-opening hinges, acrylic paints, velcro, and more. Her attention to detail is impeccable. We give this cosplay a solid two blades up.

8. CoffeeandConcealer

Hot and fresh out the kitchen is this incredible cosplay by CoffeeandConcealer. This cosplay caught our eye because of the holographic glasses, the cybernetic leg, and that tremendous energy infused sword. This collaboration with photographer @danielgrovephoto is quoted to be his favorite cyberpunk photo ever. You can also catch this phenomenal cosplayer on the next season of Hell's Kitchen, premiering on January 7th of 2021.

7. Annaormeli

Annaormeli or better known as the STEEL cosplay-lady was a Cyberpunk 2077 finalist in the games cosplay competition. Her cosplay is based on Lizzy Wizzy, a Night City celebrity who is favored for her talent in music and her complete cyberware body. Annaormeli is a known Twitch streamer and cosplayer. She titles this cosplay as the “most ambitious and insane project” she has ever done.

6. Stepanovzapilit

Stepanovzapilit is a workshop wizard. Though he specializes in Mandalorian helmets, he also has a passion for full-blown builds. One of our favorites is his cosplay of the beloved musical transformer, BumbleBee. The character he is portraying here is named Simon Randall, or better known as Royce, the leader of Maelstrom.

5. Lola zieta

Lola zieta looks pretty in pink and in this incredible Cyberpunk cosplay. She went all-in on this since she's been waiting for the game to premiere for the last seven years. Her attention to detail is exquisite. Just check out those boots and jacket. She won the first place prize for this particular cosplay at the Tokyo Game Show in 2019.

4. Acdramon

Acdramon crushed it on his V cosplay, and we are saying the phrase "crushed" with that extreme positive connotation behind it. V is the game's customizable protagonist; you control their looks, skills, and history, depending on the path you choose. Acdramon is experienced in cosplay builds as well as photoshop.

3. Krystl Cosplay

Krystl Cosplay is an absolute queen when it comes to character accuracy. The detail on this cosplay ranges from prosthetic makeup, crafted leg pieces, an Arasaka Thermal Katana, and a personal link to Cyberaudio. Aside from Cyberpunk, Krystl Cosplay is a wig stylist and does her own red-designs of costumes for her favorite characters.

2. Tingilya Cosplay

Tingilya Cosplay has left us absolutely speechless. She was the winner of the Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay contest earlier this year, which was clearly well deserved. She completed her first-ever body sculpt out of silicon and created pieces of her cosplay from 3D molds, EVA foam, fabric, and more. Additionally to building her weapons, she constructed the Militech MTOD 12, also known as Spider Bot, from 3D printing, and with her own hands. She didn’t do all of this alone. Tingilya Cosplay works faithfully alongside her partner Buckycos.

1. Cat Cosplay

Cat Cosplay is the feline of our dreams. We are loving this version of Johnny “Silverpaw” and didn’t know we needed it in our lives until now. Cat Cosplay is known for many cosplays, but our favorites have to be Frodo, Deku, and Catra. Check this funky feline out and tell us your favorites.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches December 10th on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and Stadia.

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