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10 Deadpool Cosplays That Completely Embody The Character

Ryan Reynolds would be proud of all these Deadpool cosplayers.

Deadpool Cosplayers
Photos Courtesy Instagram

Deadpool is one of the most cosplayed characters at any comic con. From his sassy personality to the iconic red and black suit, it’s no wonder that many enjoy cosplaying as the Marvel character. With Deadpool 3 now reportedly confirmed to be in the MCU by Kevin Feige earlier this morning, we’re sure to see more Deadpool cosplayers in the near future. Here are 10 Deadpool cosplayers who completely put on the persona of the iconic antihero.

10. Frozen_flesh

Who knew that Deadpool and Harley Quinn would get along so well? This cosplay by Frozen_flesh and his girlfriend @marrys_cosplay definitely looks like a set photo from a crossover movie. These two would definitely wreck havoc across the entire Marvel and DC universes if they ever teamed up.

9. Geekstrong

If you weren’t sure if you needed a Deadpool/Mandalorian crossover, well now you do. This Mandapool cosplay by Geekstrong is absolutely spot on, complete with mashing Deadpool’s suit with Mandalorian armor. We just aren’t sure if we really want Grogu to be taken care of by Deadpool. The Mandalorian may need to have some words with him.

8. MaidofMight

Harley Quinn as Deadpool is certainly not the mashup we were expecting, but it is the one we needed to see today. Maid of Might brought these two characters together in a mashup that really works. Besides, both Harley Quinn and Deadpool have similar personalities, so it wouldn’t be all that off for Harley to wear the suit.

7. PaulStarHero

We can’t think of a better love story than that of Deadpool and Spider-Man. PaulStarHero with Spider-Man cosplayer @muscle_spidey is certainly one of the best photos we’ve seen today. Deadpool would be the one who would gladly give Spider-Man a piggyback ride. Here’s hoping that there is a scene in the new Deadpool movie with Spider-Man!

6. AriasLegacyCreations

This Venom-Deadpool mashup by AriasLegacyCreations is so impressive to see. This cosplayer from Canada created their VenomPool cosplay by first making a large muscle suit and then adding the Deadpool suit over top. We certainly wouldn’t want to be walking down an alley and see VenomPool walking towards us from the other side.

5. Caitlin Christine

Cosplayer Caitlin Christine is rocking the Deadpool vibe with her cosplay. Caitlin has only recently started cosplaying in the last couple years, and has taken some absolutely stunning photos that really bring the characters to life. Her Lady Deadpool cosplay is spot on, and we’d love to see more of this cosplay in the future.

4. Minjaassassin

Did we ever think we’d see a Deadpool cosplayer actually go skydiving as Deadpool? No. But minjaassassin certainly defied our expectations. For his 30th birthday, he decided to go skydiving while wearing his Deadpool cosplay. He even was posing while in mid-air in the signature X-Force pose. What a perfect way to go skydiving.

3. KotjCosplay

Kotj Cosplay has become one of the biggest Deadpool cosplayers on TikTok. With over 4.7 million followers, he has truly become Deadpool in every single one of his videos. He has also posted many of them to his Instagram, which are both hilarious and very true to Deadpool’s personality. If Deadpool would have a TikTok, this would be him.

2. D-Piddy

One of the most well-known Deadpool cosplayers on the internet is D-Piddy. He first started wearing a Deadpool cosplay at conventions almost 10 years ago, and since then has become known as the comic con Deadpool. His YouTube channel consists of many different videos of him acting as Deadpool at comic cons, and has over 1.3 million subscribers on the platform. Honestly, we aren’t sure what comic cons would be like without Deadpool, and this guy certainly was one of the main cosplayers who started it all.

1. Jadiant

Jadiant is a true hero donning the Deadpool suit. This cosplayer had received severe burns to 95% of his body when he was 4 years old, but that hasn’t stopped him from living life to the fullest. His photo as Deadpool had also gone viral when actor Ryan Reynolds had responded to his photos. What a perfect Deadpool with all the confidence and self-esteem of the iconic Marvel character.

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