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10 Mandalorian Cosplays To Ready You For The New Season

From the Mandalorian himself to Baby Yoda, these cosplays are sure to get you excited for the hit Star Wars show.

Mandalorian Cosplays
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Since the release of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus last October, fans have been raving about the new Star Wars series. In the beginning, people speculated the series would simply be about a Mandalorian bounty hunter similar to Jango or Boba Fett, but it turned into so much more. The biggest highlight of the season was the reveal of The Child, known across the internet as Baby Yoda. The Child created a massive fanbase for the show and many viewers enjoy watching the father-son relationship between The Child and The Mandalorian on screen.

It’s no wonder that this show inspired many cosplayers to also want to cosplay the characters on the show. Many have taken their own creative liberties to craft incredible looks from the show. From powerful female characters such as The Armorer and Cara Dune to The Mandalorian himself, here are 10 fantastic Mandalorian cosplays to get us all ready for the second season.

10. Madsfive

Madsfive starts off our list with an impressive Mandalorian cosplay. The entire cosplay was handmade by herself (aside from that helmet that was made by Olympian Props). The rifle was crafted out of foam and PVC using Kamui Cosplay’s rifle pattern. She even managed to finish it right before the trailer for Season 2 came out!

9. Ladyscarlettrose

Cara Dune was certainly one of the toughest characters in the first season, and LadyScarlettRose certainly does her justice. Scarlett made all of the foam pieces for the cosplay, with her friend helping sew using Yaya Han’s fabric line. Complete with the perfect pose, she’s certainly ready to take down some Stormtroopers.

8. _sunsetdragon_

Cosplayer _sunsetdragon_ is usually known for her incredible artwork and designs, but her occasional cosplays are just as great. Her Baby Yoda (The Child) cosplay was made in just a couple days while The Mandalorian Season 1 was still coming out with new episodes. Her Baby Yoda gijinka creation even helped inspire many other cosplayers to create their own spin on the character!

7. Luvryoko_cosplays

The Armorer was one of those characters in the show that just got better in each episode she was in. It has also been rare to see a female Mandalorian in the Star Wars universe, but her presence in the show brought many cosplayers wanting to create her look. Luryoko_cosplays created her Armorer cosplay using pleather, faux fur, and foam. The results of her hard work really pay off!

6. Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular cosplayers in the industry, and her work is always impressive. Her Mandalorian cosplay certainly is a show stopper, with everything aside from The Child being crafted by her. Not only does the cosplay look amazing, but the location and the pose really make it look like it’s a promo image from the show.

5. Arwenia Cosplay

Arwenia Cosplay makes a great Cara Dune, from the entire outfit to the resembling features. Arwenia hand crafted the entire cosplay, from the sewing of the undersuit to the foamwork on the armor. Her gaze in the photo, combined with the makeup and hairstyle, make her even looks similar to the actor.

4. Jedimanda

Jedimanda revealed her amazing Baby Yoda cosplay at C2E2 this year, and it’s certainly a fabulous creation! She designed the look herself and it only took her two and a half evenings to make the entire thing! Not only that, but it looks extremely comfy to wear. Jedimanda even has a tutorial on her YouTube channel for anyone wanting to recreate the look!

3. Venture__bros

Moff Gideon was introduced in The Mandalorian towards the end of the show, wielding the legendary Darksaber in the Star Wars universe. It’s great to see that venture__bros put together a cosplay for the villain for C2E2 earlier this year, complete with his own Darksaber as well!

2. Ev_cosplay

Ev_cosplay created this amazing Armorer cosplay through sewing and 3D printing that makes us say “this is the way”. The helmet, armor pieces, and hammer are all 3D printed. The paint job on the armor is even beautiful to look at, seeing that the helmet has some shine to it in the sunlight, yet depth with the shading portions as well. She certainly did a great job on this Armorer look!

1. Escprops

Escprops’ Mandalorian cosplay was so stunning that we thought it was a costume image from the show. The entire cosplay was made by himself, using various techniques including sewing, 3D printing, resin casting, and even crafting with fiberglass. The shiny chrome look on the armor even makes it look like it’s the real costume from the show. If you are just as in awe with this build as us, he even has an etsy store where you can commission him for the full suit!

The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres October 30th on Disney Plus.

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