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Pride Week: 10 She-Ra Cosplays That Show True Power

Check out these Catra and She-Ra cosplayers who exhibit real strength!

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Cosplay Central (photos courtesy of Facebook/Instagram)

Since the original 1980s She-Ra series, many have looked to the female warrior as a positive role model for women. She-Ra has only become more mainstream in recent years due to Netflix’s hit series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The final season of the hit series premiered on May 15th this year. Since the final season, cosplayers have continued to ramp up their She-Ra cosplays in support of the inclusive show. In this week’s cosplay highlight, we’re showcasing 10 cosplayers who have embodied Adora and Catra with remarkable creativity!

10. Avera Cosplay

avera_cosplay (IG)
Courtesy Instagram

Avera_cosplay’s She-Ra takes elements from the original 80s design. She used EVA foam for almost the entire build, which really brings out the details throughout the cosplay. The shield is also a great added touch alongside the signature sword.

9. Sharon Rose Cosplay

Sharon Rose Cosplay
Courtesy Facebook

Sharon Rose Cosplay made She-Ra look battleworn and bloody, which is perfect for the warrior! The paint job on this cosplay is absolutely impeccable. The weathering and highlighting makes the cosplay look as if it’s actually metal and gold, and the scratches in the armor make it appear as if it has gone through a major battle. Complete with a weathered cape and fur trim on the gauntlets, this cosplay is ready to fight!

8. 8bitcrustacean

Courtesy Instagram

It’s always amazing to see how cosplayers can take an animated character and bring it to life through specific designs throughout a cosplay. 8bitcrustacean takes these designs to the next level. Her She-Ra cosplay includes rose trim on the pauldrons and pearl additions throughout the armor. Plus, her headpiece has EVA foam-carved feathers! Such a great use of elaborate jewels to make She-Ra appear regal.

7. Kinpatsu Cosplay

kinpatsu cosplay
Courtesy Facebook

Kinpatsu Cosplay’s Catra look is so incredible we first thought the hair was photoshopped! Kinpatsu created the entire cosplay from scratch, and made use of important shading on the top to create the look from the show. Her wig is entirely made from faux fur and black neoprene fabric for the base, with each tuff being made individually from the fur pieces. She even has a full video tutorial that you can check out to see how she made it step-by-step!

6. Avantgeek

Courtesy Instagram

Avantgeek perfectly embodies She-Ra with her own design! Much of the cosplay has its own embellishments on the bodice and skirt. The pauldrons also include a plethora of designs, from gold feathers to gold adornments that compliment the rest of the detailing throughout the cosplay. With an incredibly crafted headpiece and floor-length red cape, Avantgeek is the spitting image of She-Ra.

5. Nonbinate

nonbinate (twitter)
Courtesy Twitter

Nonbinate really shows off Catra’s personality in their cosplay. Since cosplaying the antihero, they have created 5 different versions of Catra, including the look from the 5th season. Nonbinate also uses sclera lenses to show Catra’s bicolored eyes. The rest of the cosplay (which was crafted by the incredibly talented bep.cosplays), claws, and makeup really brings the whole look together!

4. WizardHatCosplay & RadicalKev

Wizard Hat Cosplay & RadicalKev
Courtesy Facebook

Cosplayers WizardHatCosplay and RadicalKev both cosplay Adora and Catra, and their love for the show definitely shows! They both made their cosplays using fabric and craft foam, adding trim to She-Ra’s look to add some extra detailing. WizardHatCosplay and RadicalKev also created a special moment when they became engaged at Katsucon 2019 while cosplaying both She-Ra and Catra. So amazing!

3. Phia.cos

Courtesy Instagram

Phia.cos certainly brings the royalty look with her She-Ra cosplay! The entire headpiece looks like it was made out of metallic gold, and the feathers on the sides also look like real feathers. The rest of the cosplay appears to be a corset with a fabric cuirass over with gold appliques. Phia.cos has stated that the cosplay is “far from finished” on her Instagram, but we’re already excited over this look and can’t wait to see the finished product!

2. Sanet.cosplay

Courtesy Facebook

Sanet.cosplay could easily be a live action Catra as her cosplay is absolutely spot on. The headpiece has a nice little touch of weathering on the sides to make it appear more used. Sanet.cosplay has also cosplayed multiple Catra designs and looks from the series, like this one from Season 5. Plus, she has collaborated with Phia.cos to do Adora and Catra cosplay photos and they are spectacular!

1. ZeroSuitSami

Courtesy Facebook

She-Ra has always been a strong female character, and ZeroSuitSami perfectly portrays her in this cosplay! The cosplay is based on the Sideshow Collectibles statue of She-Ra, and ZeroSuitSami knocks it out of the park. Most of the cosplay is made out of Worbla, which is perfect for all the gold detailing throughout the cosplay. The painting throughout the cosplay really shines, and the red velvet cape with gold trim is a nice contrast with the lighter colors throughout the rest of the cosplay. Beautiful work!

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