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10 Umbrella Academy Cosplays Prepared To Take On The Apocalypse

From Klaus to Dolores, these cosplayers are ready for the new season of the hit Netflix show.

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With Umbrella Academy Season 2 premiering on Netflix today (July 31st), people are ready to binge through the series again. The cast is back together to stop the apocalypse once again, this time back in the 1960s. The comic-turned TV show by Gerard Way has brought many cosplayers to recreate the seven superheroes, as well as side characters such as Dolores and Mom. Here are ten Umbrella Academy cosplayers who look ready to hop right into Season 2 with the rest of the cast.

10. Roastedcos

Dolores is one of the most interesting characters of the show, seeing that she is only a mannequin that is carried around by Number Five throughout the first season through the apocalypse. Roastedcos made herself look like the mannequin with a black and white polka-dot blouse, a bald head, and a perfect pose. We want to know if it was a bald cap used or if she actually shaved her head because it looks exactly like Dolores!

9. MaryJaneRomanoff

Mary Jane Romanoff pulls off Grace (or Mom, as the children refer to her) from the first season so well with her 50s-looking attire from the show. Her hair is styled in the classic pin curl look, and even has a blouse and skirt that looks like it came straight from the show!

8. BlinksCosCave

Diego, the accurate knife thrower of the group, is one of the seven children raised in the Umbrella Academy. Not only does Blinkscoscave have knives that look like Diego’s, but her makeup is so spot on she looks like David Castañeda himself! The contouring and stubble is enough to make her create the appearance of Number Two. (And apparently she made more knives for the cosplay too!)

7. VaguelyCosplay

We heard a rumor that VaguelyCosplay has the appearance of Allison Hargreeves down! She took the younger version of Allison (Number Three) and brought her to life by making the Umbrella Academy school attire and signature mask that is worn by all the children in the show. She definitely nailed this side-by-side!

6. Dumbgaysian

While Ben Hargreeves is only seen as a ghost in the show, Dumbgaysian looks pretty real to us. They took a gray sweatshirt and black leather jacket to recreate Ben’s look that is seen throughout the show. Plus, they even have the perfect expression to cosplay as Ben too!

5. Roadrnr08

Number Five is one of the fan favorites from the show, and Roadrnr08 made a stunning portrayal of him. He put together Number Five’s classic Umbrella Academy uniform, complete with an embroidered logo on the jacket. He also added the signature mask that is worn in certain flashbacks from the show.

4. SweetiePlague

Klaus is another major memorable character, considering that he is able to communicate with the dead and accidentally went back in time to the Vietnam War in season one. SweetiePlague’s Klaus cosplay is so well done that we thought they were actually Robert Sheehan for a moment. The makeup is spot on, and they completed the look with Klaus’ frilly coat.

3. OurShieldMaiden

We love seeing OurShieldMaiden’s Allison cosplays! She has created multiple looks for her, from the Umbrella Academy uniform, to her more modern look seen above. She recreated Number Three’s clothing with a leather jacket and top, and even has the perfect hair that matches Emmy Raver-Lampman’s look in the show.

2. Genovere

Vanya is such an intriguing character in the show, it’s no wonder many cosplayers enjoy cosplaying her. Genovere created Vanya’s season finale attire with a violin, a concert suit, and an umbrella over her head. She even is wearing white contacts that make her look ready to bring on an apocalypse.

1. FaithNoMoar

When it comes to cosplaying Umbrella Academy, there is no better way to cosplay than to do so with friends. Faithnomoar is seen here as Vanya with eight other cosplayers portraying the Umbrella Academy cast. We love seeing that they have added not only the superpowered heroes, but also characters such as Sir Reginald and The Handler.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 is out now on Netflix. We can't wait to see what cosplays will be created from the new season!

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