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50 Superhero Cosplays For National Superhero Day 2022

Check out these 50 cosplayers ranging from DC to Marvel to Powerpuff Girls!

National Superhero Day 2022
Cosplayers (from left to right): Chexama (photography: @adrianr.photo), DexDoesCosplay (photography: @cosplaybypedro), Kameron Michaels (photography: @vadellaphoto), & Marquis Lewis (photography: @vivabokeh.photos)

Ever since superheroes flew into our hearts years ago via comic book pages, we’ve seen people around the world try and recreate their looks. They’ve long since been a staple of cosplay culture, so there’s no better way to celebrate National Superhero Day than to highlight 50, yes 50 of our favorite superheroes from DC, Marvel, and beyond.

Captain America

Who better to kick this off than the superhero with a super heart, none other than Captain America who we've seen for what seems like forever played wonderfully by Chris Evans.

Bucky Barnes

Captain America wouldn’t be anywhere without his right-hand man.


Was there anyone else more worthy of the shield? We think not.


Of all the X-Men, no one’s style has ever quite compared to the vibrancy of Jubilee’s.

Doctor Strange

This cosplayer is giving Benedict Cumberbatch a run for this money.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Probably most of our first favorite superheroes thanks to Saturday Morning cartoons.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl just got a podcast, but when will we see her on the big screen? Fans want, no - need to know.


The one thing about Deadpool cosplayers is that they’re always going to come up with something you’ve never seen.


The queen bee of ‘Teen Titans,’ Starfire!

Incredible Hulk

Now, this is incredible.


RuPaul Drag Race alum Kameron Michaels is She-Hulk.

Captain Marvel

The mightiest of them all!


Dotte Com, drag cosplayer extraordinaire, hee with a beautiful homage to Spectrum. A character we got to see a bit of in WandaVision.


Proving superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, we have a mini-Batman here to save Gotham City.


Much like Captain America and Bucky, Batman would be nothing without Robin.


Gotham has a new hero in town, and her name is Batwoman.


How many hours have we all spent admiring the likes of Nightwing?


This Batgirl got involved in something…wild.


We’re living for this version of Storm.


The Wolverine we’ll always cherish.


The more Spideys, the better.

Black Panther

This cosplayer is serving Wakanda Forever vibes, all day.


Sorry Edna Mode, we’re saying yes to all the capes.


Superman was meant for the spotlight.


When in doubt, call Supergirl!

Luke Cage

Simple yet satisfying.

Jessica Jones

Shot from the Netflix series or a cosplayer? We’re not sure.

Sailor Moon

The gang’s all here to kick some major…butt.

Static Shock

We’re sure the Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo would be thrilled with this look since he was seen rocking Static Shock kicks on the court recently.


We love this holiday-inspired interpretation of Rogue.


Gambit has always been hotter than a fresh bowl of gumbo.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Some of our favorite misfits in outer space.


Peacemaker, more patriotic than a country song.

Harley Quinn

She may do some damage, but she has good intentions.

Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice, and everything nice with this cosplaying trio.

Valkyrie and Thor

No offense to Chris Hemsworth, but this may be the cutest Thor, ever.


Pretty sure this is Jeremy Renner’s stand-in.

Iron Man

Not even in the suit and we recognized Iron Man. It's the facial hair.

Black Widow

Always ready to show the other Avengers how it’s done.


Don’t blink or else you’ll miss him.

Green Arrow

Going classic with this Green Arrow look that’s far from the one brought to life on The CW.

Black Canary

Not a noise we ever want to hear in person.


This Shang-Chi cosplayer is ready for a battle, watch out!


Jason Momoa has some stiff competition.


Shazam would go and watch his own movie.

Power Rangers

At this point the Power Rangers have gone through so many iterations, we could do a whole list based on that alone but for now, enjoy the OG leader, the Red Ranger.


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear fashionable suits.


We talked to D’Manda Martini some time about cosplay and drag! We do wanna know though, why hasn’t Marvel put Dazzler in a movie yet?


When you go the extra mile to make sure your look is camera ready.

Wonder Woman

She’s got the lasso of truth and she’s not afraid to use it.

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