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Celebrate 25 Years of ‘Clueless’ With These Era-Defining Cosplays

The cosplays in this list deserve two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Images Courtesy Facebook & Instagram
Images Courtesy Facebook & Instagram

When going down the list of movies released in 1995, it’s overly stacked with iconic big-screen moments, and we’ll talk more about those another day. Today we have to focus on one that wasn’t just a sleepover staple, but a movie that has truly written the definition for standing the test of time, Clueless. Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, Clueless was a modern-day take on Jane Austen’s Emma. Modern-day in that it was based on a rich girl in Beverly Hills, her as-wealthy friends, and the trials and tribulations of being in love with your ex-stepbrother.

On top of the movie being a standout then and still today, what fans have been drawn to time and time again is the fashion. Cher’s yellow plaid, the Alaia, Tai’s troll tee. Every single look confined within those 97 minutes screams ‘90s inspired greatness and has been screaming that for 25 years. So much so that we’ve not only rocked looks inspired by the movie in our everyday lives but have driven cosplayers from around the world to do their best Clueless looks, and we’re going to take a look at the best of the best now to celebrate our 25 years of the one and only Clueless!

10. Cher’s Iconic Plaid by Samanthas_Cosplay

“Being a ‘90s kid, I absolutely love everything about the nostalgia of Clueless. The comedy, fashion, and characters make it such a classic that I can watch over and over again,” says Sam Catalano (samanthas_cosplay). Like many who grew up watching, Sam admits her obsession with Cher Horowitz was huge and a big reason why when it came time to cosplay a look she had to go with the standout, “This is the look she’s most known for. It’s instantly recognizable and iconic.”

9. Dionne’s Velvet Dream by Myssematch

Closet cosplayer Jasmine Grimes (myssematch) proved to be as much a fashionista as Dionne when she put together this look our favorite non-polyester hair wearing girl wore in the movie. While she cosplayed Dionne, Jasmine admitted she always had her eye on Cher’s closet, “Her outfits were definitely my favorite out of everyone in the movie. There were just so many good looks and pieces,” adding, “It's a testament to how good the fashion team on the movie was.”

8. Gossip Girls by Clawdeja

It makes total sense that Clauds (clawdeja) would want to showcase not only her Cher but her friend’s Tai when you realize that aside from the fashion, for her Clueless was a great movie about friendship, “Unlike some other teen dramas, it's about girls supporting and caring for each other and being good friends instead of bringing each other down. I think the world needs more movies that promote this kind of behaviour between teenage girls.” As for the look, she’s always been a fan of Cher’s ability to layer like the queen she is.

7. Clueless Time by Popcrimes_cosplay

“What sparked the idea for this look was when I saw the fabric on sale at Joann’s. I thought, ooh purple plaid that would be cute as a Clueless inspired blazer and skirt set! Then I realized Lumpy Space Princess is also purple and could totally rock that look in human form and she talks like a spoiled valley girl too, so it’s a perfect mashup!” said popcrimes_cosplay about her two-in-one that showcases two badass characters in one. Hopefully, more mashups are on the way from this creative cosplayer since they admire the fashion of the movie so much, “The fashion of Clueless is iconic because it’s timeless. I could still rock a cropped blazer and high waist mini pleated skirt today and it’s a cute look! All the outfits could flatter pretty much any body type or size and the fabric choices and patterns have more of a vintage look rather than outdated.

6. The Lovebirds by Francheezy24_7 and The_Hanbrolo

Photo Credit: JGCG Photography

Growing up, Clueless wasn’t just a movie for France?sca (francheezy24_7), as she says - it was a lifestyle, “I started dressing up like that for school.” And it seems like she never really stopped. Today, her Dionne-inspired look is anything but clueless, but what puts this over the top is that she wasn’t alone but with her #1, “Murray” (the_hanbrolo). Cher may have had the yellow plaid look, but Dionne’s black and white ensemble is up there too when it comes to cinematic classics, and this cosplayer agrees, “My favorite look from Clueless hands down is Dionne’s black and white tartan suit with the red cardigan and her big black and white hat with a red rose. That outfit in particular is so classic and memorable to me.”

5. An A Whatta? by Cosmicmerma1d

Fact, you can visit the location Cher had to get down on her knees after being robbed in, of all things, that Alaia dress. The robber was less than impressed by the designer label, but fans and fashionistas everywhere were livid about the stainage. Great homage, with location by this wonderful cosplayer (cosmicmerma1d).

4. The Crew by Rookulacosplay

Photo Credit: this_is_gallagherphotos

The ‘80s had the Heathers and the ‘00s had The Plastics, but I think we can all agree that no one did it better than this ‘Clueless’ bunch. This UK cosplayer (rookulacosplay) and friends captured the spirit, didn’t they?!

3. Sweet D by Tricia_theangel01

Cosplay isn’t just about the over the top, it’s also about the simplicities of a character. This one by Tricia (tricia_theangel01) proves that when it comes to this movie, every outfit was as amazing and memorable as the last.

2. Seeing Red by Hd.cameleon

The cosplayer known as Shapeshifting Chameleon (hd.chameleon) wanted nothing more growing up than the computer program Cher Horowitz had in her closet. I mean, didn’t we all? While she may not have gotten the ultimate wardrobe hookup, she didn’t fare too bad because super fans would be quick to notice her rocking another plaid ensemble Cher wore in the movie. Bonus points for those who know what scene this look is from!

1. I Like Josh! by Justiney, Britneybabbles, Snookisnackhouse, and Chels.e.cheese

We couldn’t leave without saying kudus to this group of cosplayers (justiney, britneybabbles, snookisnackhouse, and chels.e.cheese) who pretty much take the cake as they didn’t just dress the part, but had the ultimate photo op alongside the Josh! We mean, Paul Rudd. Still!

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