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Korra And Asami Cosplayers Recreate Scene In Legend Of Korra

These Korra and Asami cosplays look spectacular.

Korra and Asami Cosplays from Legend of Korra
Images Courtesy Nickelodeon, CutiePieSensei, and xKiraKelly

Korra and Asami have been fan favorites in the hit Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel, Legend of Korra. The characters have had quite a journey in the four seasons of the show. From friends to starting a relationship together at the end of Season 4, the characters progress their character development spectacularly throughout the show.

It's no surprise that cosplayers enjoy cosplaying the two characters. Both Korra and Asami have several outfits throughout the show that have been replicated by cosplayers in the past. Now, two cosplayers by the names of CutiePieSensei and xKiraKelly have recreated one of Korra and Asami's memorable moments from the series.

CutiePieSensei posted the photo on Twitter and Instagram, which has quickly gone viral on the internet. Korra (cosplayed by CutiePieSensei) and Asami (cosplayed by xKiraKelly) are both seen in the photo by a pool side, recreating the scene in Season 1 Episode 7 with Asami in the pool while Korra sits on the side.

CutiePieSensei has been cosplaying Korra for years, while Kira Kelly has only recently seen both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. She has completely embraced the fandom and has since cosplayed as Asami. We hope that these two continue to take photos as the Legend of Korra couple and cannot wait to see more photos from both of these cosplayers.

The Legend of Korra is currently streaming on both Paramount Plus and Netflix.

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