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Overwatch and Diablo Fan Creates Incredible Demonic Brigitte Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay finally completed her demonic Brigitte cosplay after 18 months of work.

Demonic Brigitte Cosplay Kamui Cosplay
Photos Courtesy Kamui Cosplay & Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard cosplayers are well-known in taking cosplays from the company's games and making them into masterpieces. From incredible looks like Moira from Overwatch to Treasure Goblins from Diablo, Blizzard fans really go big with their cosplays.

Kamui Cosplay (AKA Svetlana), a professional cosplayer who is known throughout the cosplay community for her tutorial books and helping cosplay turn mainstream with her costumes, has really outdone herself with her new cosplay. After 18 months of prepping, crafting, painting, and photographing, Kamui's demonic Brigitte cosplay is finally complete.

Svetlana started her demonic Brigitte cosplay back in July of 2019 with the help of concept artist Zach Fisher. He had first created the artwork back in 2019 when Svetlana commissioned it. From there, she and her husband Benni got to work crafting the intricate cosplay.

The entire build process of demonic Brigitte was posted on social media, with many of her progress videos and tutorials while crafting being posted on YouTube and Instagram.

Svetlana and Benni started the process first by printing out a life-size scale print of the design so that they could figure out the right dimensions for the armor and props. They continued by crafting each piece with foam and adding custom LEDs and smoke machines. Their final touches were the many hours of painting and sealing using airbrushes, which really made the entire armor pop with colors that make it look like it was taken straight from a video game.

The moment Kamui Cosplay posted the photos on social media after she finished the makeup and wig, many people were so surprised by the photos they thought it was CGI. Svetlana then posted a video showing the entire cosplay in action, proving that there was no CGI involved in the build.

Kamui Cosplay called this her biggest cosplay yet. With that, we cannot wait to see what other creations she has in store for the future.

You can check out Kamui Cosplay's entire demonic Brigitte build on her Instagram and buy her cosplay books and patterns on KamuiCosplay.com.

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