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10 Scott Pilgrim Cosplays To Celebrate The 10th Anniversary

Celebrate a decade of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ with these 10 killer cosplays.

Scott Pilgrim Cosplays
Cosplay Photos Courtesy Instagram

A bus ride that was more than three hours, a sprint through a parking lot and a lot of heavy breathing led me to a special screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 10 years ago. My former roommate had an extra ticket and with it being 2010 - I was deep in my Michael Cera phase. While that’s passed for me, and many others, what remains is a heightened fandom for this movie. Spawned from the pages of Bryan Lee O'Malley’s graphic novel, came one of Hot Topic’s favorite movies of 2010 thanks to writer/director Edgar Wright.

Fans were cosplaying the graphic novel before the movie, but the big screen adaptation took the ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ cosplay to the next level. Now let’s take a look at Scott, Ramona, her exes, and more to celebrate this classic’s 10th anniversary.

10. The Hottest Bassist

Photo Credit: Jrich

There are a lot of Scott Pilgrim cosplayers out there who like to recreate that iconic guitar in hand image from the cover, but Juarren (@foxtheconversekid) went for something a little different when it was time to strike a Scott-inspired pose.

9. Fine as Pine

Coming from Russia is Yan’s (@yangingerfox) homage to the drummer who gave us one of the most relatable GIFs of the 21st century. From the hair to the ensemble to the finger gun, it’s all there and on point.

8. Knives Out

Photo Credit: That Guy With the Bat Tie

Directioners, Beliebers, and Little Monsters better watch out because Knives does not mess around when it comes to being the ultimate Sex Bob-Omb superfan, and Vann (@vsol_cosplay) doesn’t play either. Her Knives cosplay is two parts cool, and one part mischievous. We love it!

7. Stop & Smell the Flowers

She walked right out of a dream and then had Scott take on her exes. Not everyone would take on a myriad of exes, but Ramona Flowers was and will forever be worth it and we can see why. Just look at Maxy’s (@maxyartwork) spot-on cosplay of our favorite delivery girl.

6. Never Forget Your First

Photo Credit: Poynter Photography

The first of many exes Scott had to defeat. Matthew Patel is pulled off perfectly by Tam (@skeletampire). He even has the moves to boot too!

5. The Ninja

Mae Whitman was a scene-stealer as Roxanne "Roxy" Richter, but she has some pretty stiff competition from the cascade of cosplayers who saw themselves in her. One of the most cosplayed from the movie, it was hard to pick just one but we just couldn’t get enough of Pattycakes’ (@pattycakes_cosplay) rendition of this ass-kicker.

4. Evil Record Exec

Has anyone who’s owned a record label ever been perceived as the good guy in any movie, ever? The answer is no! Now we have another question. If they made a sequel and Jason Schwartzman was busy, could Coleman (@doombotrollcall) pull off Gideon Graves? That would be a resounding yes! Just so long as Deedee (@nekoplasm) was by his side.

3. Vegan Power

Todd Ingram was played wonderfully by DC darling Brandon Routh, but we are loving the simple yet awesome take Rachel (@dressedtokillcosplay) took with the ex most likely to be from Los Angeles, California.

2. Exes Assemble

Photo Credit: Petits Pois

Yes, the movie is technically centered around Scott Pilgrim and the battles he faces trying to win the girl of his literal dreams, but we can all admit that the exes were the best part of the movie, right? I mean, it’s fun to root for the villain every once in a while...That being said, Kyle (@sketchmcdraw) and Co. managed to rock their best exes pose for this stunning group shot.

1. Spidey-Scott

Somewhere out there is a universe where Scott Pilgrim and Spider-Man are one. I mean, stranger things have happened. Just look at 2020 for example. With that, Spider-Punk (@zuaderpul) does his best Pilgrim impression with that classic cover pose that’s become ingrained into our brains over the past 10 years.

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