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Teen Titans Cosplayers Create Iconic Diner Photoshoot

Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven are back in this spectacular Teen Titans shoot.

Teen Titans Cosplayers
Image Courtesy Caitlin Christine

The Teen Titans have been a fan-favorite group of superheroes in the DC universe since the 1960s. The team has had many different members throughout the decades, but perhaps the most well-known group is that of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg. This version of the Teen Titans became immensely popular starting in 2003 when the show Teen Titans first aired on Cartoon Network.

Since the show’s release, there have been five seasons, with rumors surrounding a season 6 for years. A reboot of the show, known as Teen Titans Go!, has also been on Cartoon Network for 7 seasons, including a movie crossover, Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans, for the two shows.

It’s no surprise that the popularity of the Teen Titans has inspired cosplayers to dress up as the iconic characters. One group of cosplayers in California wanted to take their cosplays a step further and create some memorable diner photo scenes in their Teen Titans cosplays.

Their outfits were inspired by comic book artist, Gabriel Picolo, who has made some incredible pieces based on the team as well as a comic exclusive, Beast Boy loves Raven. The photoshoot features the following cosplayers:

Each cosplayer perfectly shows off each character’s personality in the shoot. The photos, taken by both Caitlin and Jasmine, capture the real life mood that Gabriel has drawn in his comics. We also can’t get enough of Beast Boy trying to steal some of Cyborg’s sundae. Caitlin Christine even posted some videos on her TikTok, which makes us want to see more videos of these cosplayers together. Honestly, if they wanted to create a fan-made series, we would love to see it!

@caitchristinee Did Beast Boy pass the test? 💜 IB: @Gabriel Picolo #teentitans #raven #beastboy ♬ finesse - .

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