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Why Your Glorious Purpose Should Be To Cosplay Loki

With so many variations of Loki, which will you pick to cosplay?

Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios
Images Courtesy Marvel Studios

With Tom Hiddleston starring as Loki in Marvel’s most recent comic-inspired show streaming on Disney+, cosplayers from around the world have taken to their sewing machines to create new cosplays of The God of Mischief. A few of these cosplayers got a head start by researching the trailer and tailoring looks like Loki’s presidential green suit, the TVA jumpsuit, and his original Avengers leather and armor complimented by his iconic horns. But wait, there’s more.



Okay, now onto the spoilers...

Since the show’s debut, fans have unraveled more and more knowledge about the mischievous plot and how many Loki variants there really are. Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius, even displayed a holographic image of several different Lokis in contrasting various forms. In total, there were five different Loki variants shown in the hologram: the original Loki, a soccer-playing Loki, a troll Loki, a Loki that resembles a hippie, and a Viking-Esque Loki. Pretty epic ideas for cosplays here… Yes, we want to see a Loki Viking cosplay pretty badly, so someone do it.

Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios

Aside from these looks, viewers of episode 2 discovered which Loki variant was causing all the trouble, and it was a female version of Loki played by Sophia Di Martino. Or so they seem to be. Fans have speculated that this Loki variant seen in episode 2 isn’t Marvel Comics’ Lady Loki but Enchantress. This conspiracy theory spawned from viewers noticing the actress being billed as “Sylvie” instead of “The Variant” in the credits for different languages. According to the comics, Sylvie is short for Enchantress’s real name: Sylvia Lushton, a mortal being created by none other than Loki himself.

Regardless of who Sophia Di Martino actually plays in the show, her costume looks incredible and vaguely familiar to Tom Hiddleston’s Thor: The Dark World look. It resembles so closely that it makes it easier for cosplayers to reuse their past cosplays and remodel them. All you have to do is shave off half of one horn and get a blonde wig.

Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios

Aside from what we have and have not seen in the show thus far, Marvel comics are ripe with different incarnations of Loki that cosplayers can choose from. They may not be products of time manipulation like the current MCU Loki variant is, but there are numerous versions of the character that are different in gender and age, giving anyone a chance to cosplay as Loki. Here are a few cosplayers to take inspiration from.


Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios
Dressesandcapes Photographed by @dgnphotography

Dressesandcapes as the ever so villainous Lady Loki is making us green with envy! Lady Loki is just Loki shapeshifting, meaning that her personality and traits are the same as the God of Mischief.

Dressesandcapes cosplay of Lady Loki is a mixed design between the comics and the MCU. The jacket is pad stitched like a genuine jacket would be and detailed with various shadings of black. Her helmet was 3D printed by @bobbinsandbarbells and filled, sanded, and painted by dressesandcapes herself. She’s done a few other Disneybounds as Loki, and they are incredible. Dressesandcapes also regularly updates her Instagram story with videos of her cosplay productions.


Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios

Let’s hear it for Lordamalthean as Kid Loki! Wait, you didn’t know there was a kid Loki? Don’t worry. We will help you get out from under your rock. In the comics, Loki is killed by the Void and reborn as a child. Before his death, Loki had convinced Hela into taking his name out of the Book of Hel, which allowed him to be reborn instead of truly dying. Therefore creating a child version of the character and once again giving Thor a little brother.

Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios

Lordamalthean’s modern version of Loki is his own concept paired with a headband made by Low-Key (on Facebook and Tumblr), based on the design from the Journey Into Mystery comics. Aside from cosplaying the kid variant of Loki, Lordamalthean has done several versions of the character, including the newest version played by Sophia Di Martino. The devil works hard, but Lordamalthean works harder.


Loki Cosplayers Marvel Studios

Human2herocosplay is up to something as his Jotunheim Loki, and we are into it. As most Loki fans know, Loki is the biological son of the Frost Giant King of Jotunheim, Laufey. But, Loki was unusually small for a Frost Giant and was abandoned in a temple to die shortly after his birth. Odin then found Loki, magically altered his appearance, and raised Loki as his own son alongside Thor.

For this cosplay, Human2herocosplay had help from @xjeanieex and @littlemonstercosplays, who did his face paint and makeup, and @tinkrbell84, who did the hair. For future Loki cosplays, we hope to see Human2herocosplay adapt a new variant to his cosplay collection.

Loki is Streaming on Disney+ every Wednesday until July 14th.

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