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50 Black Cosplayers In Honor Of Black History Month

We are highlighting 50 black cosplayers who are inspirational, brilliant, and talented creators.

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In honor of Black History Month, cosplayers worldwide participate in #28daysofblackcosplays on their social media platforms. We thought we would take it a step further and create a gallery of 50 black cosplayers who are inspirational, brilliant, and talented creators. These cosplayers were recommended by our followers through one of our Instagram posts and we cannot thank everyone enough for sharing their favorite creators.

There is a lack of representation for black cosplayers on photographer and share pages alike unless it is during the month of February.

“From our perspective, at times, it feels like we’re not on those pages because of our skin, to be honest,” LeRoyal told Cosplay Central in an interview. “Of course, there are pages dedicated to sharing POC cosplayers, however, is it right that we have to only hope for appreciation from those pages. It’s a huge turn-off when a potential share page or photographer page only mostly shows ethnically ambiguous cosplayers.”

Here at Cosplay Central, we are working to provide a place for our community to share their cosplays, tips, and tutorials no matter an individual’s race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. We also produce a platform for people to share their stories and experiences through cosplays. Without further adieu, here are 50 black cosplayers in honor of Black History Month.

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Lexi has been cosplaying since 2017 with her faithful companion, her dad. She has modeled for companies like Hottopic and HerUniverse and has worked with various products from Doritos to Barnes and Noble. According to Lexi, Cosplaying is an outlet for creativity and a platform for fun and kindness. Her goal is to show that no matter how many times you fall, you need to always get up with a smile on your face (thanks, All Might).