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50 Star Wars Cosplays To Celebrate All Things Star Wars

These cosplays will make you believe in the Force.

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May has become a big month for Star Wars content. Last year Disney Plus released the final season of The Clone Wars, and this year the new spinoff series, The Bad Batch, premiered on May 4th. It's no wonder why many cosplayers enjoy sharing their Star Wars cosplays during the month of May. Some have decided to create Bad Batch cosplays and give insight on how to make them. Others want to be a Jedi or even turn to the Dark Side instead.

It all started back in 1977 when Star Wars: A New Hope was released, and a line of dialogue from General Dodonna saying “may the force be with you” became the Star Wars slogan. After that, fans created the unofficial holidays “May the Fourth” and “Revenge of the Fifth,” or is it “Revenge of the Sixth”? Fans can’t decide, and neither can we. These made-up holidays give us and cosplayers a reason to celebrate our favorite space saga!

With the release of The Bad Batch on May The Fourth, fans have been buzzing and becoming inspired to create new cosplays from the series. Other Star Wars titles and release dates to look forward to include The Book Of Boba Fett (Dec. 2021), Visions (2021), and Andor (2022), plus many more, like the fan-favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi series! We can’t wait to see it.

With all this hype, we had to celebrate Star Wars month by showcasing some intergalactic cosplayers. We hope you’ll enjoy this humble gallery of 50 Cosplayers who participated in May The Fourth. We wish we could include every Jedi, Sith, Grey, Clone, Droid, Smuggler, and Princess out there, but we do say: May The Force be with each and every one of you.

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