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Beautiful Legend of Zelda Cosplay Prepared To Look Over Hyrule

This cosplayer created Hannah Alexander's Zelda design with incredible precision.

Original designed cosplays have been on the rise in recent years, including outfits for already preexisting characters. Hannah Alexander, a UK-based artist, has gained international recognition for her character designs across many different fandoms such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Marvel Comics, Disney, and even Sailor Moon.

It's no wonder that many cosplayers have gone ahead to recreate her artwork in real life. The beautiful gradient colors that Hannah uses in many of her pieces have been a hit with the cosplay community, as it gives them new skills of dyeing fabric to match her artwork.

Cosplayer C80sThingamabobs (Caitlin) decided to recreate Hannah Alexander's Zelda design. With the amount of detail on her cosplay, we can see that she did a wonderful job taking Hannah's original design and turning it into a cosplay.

Zelda required various types of fabrics and materials, with a focus on getting the gold detailing just right, Caitlin’s Cricut became her new best friend. The armor is created from leather and pressed with the same gold vinyl as the various details throughout the costume. Each piece of fabric was custom dyed to get continuity through out the design and to as closely represent Hannah Alexander’s vision as possible. This costume took well over 200 hours of work from start to finish, but it was time well spent!

Caitlin won second place in the Needlework category at C2E2's Crown Championships of Cosplay earlier this year. Be sure to check out her cosplay on the stage through our recorded video of the competition!

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