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The Best Avatar Cosplay Award Goes To The Cabbage Man

Somebody get this Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer some more cabbages.

One of the best running jokes in Avatar: The Last Airbender is the recurring side character, The Cabbage Merchant. He appears in numerous episodes of the show with his cart full of cabbages being destroyed over and over by Team Avatar. The quote, "my cabbages!" has become a well-known saying in the series that the character was even shown in the Avatar sequel, The Legend of Korra.

With Cabbage Man being such a memorable side character in the show, it's no wonder that cosplayers make a cosplay of the character. At New York Comic Con 2019, cosplayer Afrocendent put together a cart full of cabbages and recreated the character's Earth Kingdom outfit. Afrocendent's Cabbage Merchant cosplay is also practical, seeing that his cart can also be used as one massive pocket. It's a gift when cosplays have pockets! Not only is the cosplay perfect, but he brought actual cabbages to the convention. Whenever the cart tipped over, he would look at the cart surprised and yell the signature quote.

Antecendent also met up with several other Avatar cosplayers, as seen on his Instagram. There were many impressive Avatar cosplays throughout New York Comic Con, and Antecendent's was definitely one of the most memorable from the show. We do wonder if he also managed to meet the Kyoshi Warriors as well at the con, and if they kept Team Avatar from knocking over his cabbage cart.

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