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This Hamilton Cosplay Is Ready To Take On The Colonies

Glenn Reye's King George cosplay from Hamilton is a show stopper!

With the hit Broadway musical Hamilton coming to the small screen on Disney Plus on July 3rd, many are eager to see it. The Hamilton "film" will include the original Broadway cast and was shot over three days of filming back in 2016. While the Broadway show was anticipated in October 2021, moving the release date to July 2020 has brought a new excitement among the fans, including cosplayers.

Many cosplayers, such as Glenn Reyes, have been touched by the musical that they take it one step further and create incredible costume reproductions from the show. Reyes created this King George III cosplay over a series of 5 months and over 400 hours! He has been sewing a little over three years, and is self taught and learned sewing watching YouTube videos, which goes to show the dedication in his work.

The Frock coat and robe is made from Faux silk fabric and rich velvet with over fifty yards of gold metallic trims, the same exact trims used in the musical. The buttons were machine embroidered for screen accuracy, and each of the over 200 black poka dot furs were individually hand sewn into the robe. The crown is made of aluminum metal sheet and covered in warbla, then embellished with glass and swarovski crystals and pearls.

The amount of detailing in his King George cosplay really shows how much love went into the project. We're eager to see what other amazing Hamilton cosplays will appear in the future once Hamilton arrives to the small screen on July 3rd.

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