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Incredible Diablo Cosplay Shows Off Their FX Skills

Bio Cosplay spent 5 months crafting this treasure goblin cosplay from the Diablo video game series.

Making a cosplay can have its challenges, and making a full body suit underneath the rest of a cosplay is no easy feat. It takes long hours of sculpting out the muscles to make sure that they look accurate to the muscles of a body and still have shape and definition to them. It also has to be worn by the person so it needs to fit them too.

Bio Cosplay certainly did just that and created an amazing Treasure Goblin cosplay from the Diablo video game franchise. The entire costume took 5 months to create. The head was made using EVA foam and foam clay. While vision is limited, he can see out of holes in the nose. The eyes are clear ornaments that were painted and lit with fairy lights.

The muscle suit was made by carving upholstery foam with a knife and rotary tool, then gluing it to a body suit. The suit was then covered with pantyhose and coated with neoprene rubber. Everything was painted with acrylics, including the shading details around the muscles to give them more definition.

While it may seem like the sack is full of treasure, it's actually just a beach ball. It's both a way to keep weight off the cosplay, as well as using one's resources!

Bio Cosplay won 1st place in the FX category at C2E2's Crown Championships of Cosplay earlier this year. To see this cosplay in action, be sure to check out the full competition video!

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