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Tips For Making A Doom Patrol Cosplay From The DC Show

If you're watching Doom Patrol Season 3 and want to cosplay some of the characters, then check out these tips!

Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)
Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Looking for a comic to tv show adaptation filled with superheroes with issues, insane boss battles and even crazier plot lines? Then check out Doom Patrol on HBO Max for all those reasons and then include one of geekdom’s fan favorite actors, Brendon Fraser.

The series revolves around a group of superpowered individuals, each with their own detailed backstory, working together to, not necessarily save the world, but at least save themselves.

Each character not only has their own unique power, but their own distinct and cosplayable outfits. Let’s take a look at some of these characters and how to bring them to life.


Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Crazy Jane is an interesting character to cosplay, particularly because her multiple personalities, each with their own distinct power, can make for a fun single or group cosplay. As a solo cosplay, cosplayers can choose to play as Jane, the primary personality of Kay Challis or one of Kay’s other personalities including Hammerhead, the Secretary or Baby Doll.

Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Because each personality is vastly different, so is their outward costume. Not only does the actress’ personality change as she switches personality, but so does her appearance. As a group cosplay, this is a chance for everyone in the group to find a personality that matches their interests. If you want to go edgy, Hammerhead’s punk clothing, shaved head and dark eye makeup is perfect for you. Pretty Polly will give you the chance to go gothic Victorian while Karen is the epitome of Stepford wife preppiness.

And if there isn’t a character from the show you find fits you, give the comic a read and get to know some of Kay’s sixty-four other personalities.


Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Probably the most recognized member of the Doom Patrol is Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, since he is a link between Doom Patrol and DC’s Teen Titans. As the series progresses, the cybernetic parts of his body slowly begin to take over his organic. As far as cosplaying goes, this gives cosplayers the chance to make this cosplay as easy or as difficult as they’d like.

For the most part, his costume consists of a comfortable tracksuit, one of his most iconic being a red Adidas set. By keeping the jacket zipped up, the main armor parts that would need to be created are his headpiece that covers his left eye and his hands. To increase the difficulty of the cosplay, you could create his mechanical chest and torso piece and leave the zipper pulled down.


Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Brendan Fraser plays Cliffe Steele, the foul-mouthed former Nascar driver who died in an accident leaving his brain to be implanted into a robotic body. Cliffe’s design makes for a great mix of found clothing paired with foam and/or worbla armor pieces. While his general outfit consists of ripped jeans, leather boots, a shirt (he’s got some iconic ones like his “Hello World” tee) and a leather jacket; the armor touches complete the Robotman transformation.

The primary pieces to create are his hands, knees and head with additional armor detailing on his shoulders and to create his true steel-toe boot look.

Rita Farr

Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

Rita Farr, a former classic Hollywood starlet with the ability to turn her body into a gelatinous state, sometimes uncontrollably based on her emotional state. While Rita’s powers aren’t shown directly and she often appears to be an ordinary human, cosplaying her gives the opportunity to work on period clothing due to her style.

Maybe it’s because she’s an actress, but Rita is rarely seen in the same outfit twice and has an impeccable sense of style. Her most iconic outfit though, is her Elastigirl uniform seen during the first season of the show. In keeping with her 50’s to 60’s looks, her uniform is a classic two piece skirt and top design and belted at the waist. Simplicity’s Vintage line is great for a number of her other outfits but Simplicity 8460 will give you a great start on her uniform.

Larry Trainor

Courtesy HBO Max (Doom Patrol)

For cosplayers that prefer to remain disguised, Larry Trainor’s bandaged body is the best way to cosplay and stay hidden at the same time. A former Air Force pilot, Larry’s aircraft was hit with negative energy which trapped itself inside his body as a living entity. Unfortunately this collision caused him to emit radioactivity through his skin, so he wears special bandages to shield those around him.

This is a pretty easy closet cosplay to put together by assembling a military green turtleneck, leather belt, grey slacks and tall, laced boots. His long coat can be recreated using a basic long trench coat and adding a Sherpa wool inner lining around the collar down to the waist. The final touches are adding the bandages to your hands underneath the fingerless gloves, carefully bandaging your face while ensuring you don’t block your ability to breathe or see and adding goggles.

Make sure to check out the show on HBO Max, with Season 3 wrapping up today on November 11th. For comic inspiration head to your local comic shop and grab a volume from writers like Grant Morrison and Gerard Way.

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