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Avera Cosplay Wins Big At Florida Supercon As Warhammer Mercy

Avera's Warhammer Mercy from Overwatch mashup wins at the Cosplay Central Crown Championships at Florida Supercon.

Florida Supercon Winners
Cosplay Central

This weekend was the first qualifier round for the Cosplay Central Crown Championships at Florida Supercon. After over a year and a half since C2E2 2020, ReedPop is back in the comic con game and with it one of the biggest cosplay competitions in the world.

Competitors came from all around the Southern region, sharing their beautiful cosplays and strutting their stuff on the stage. Each contestant competed for a spot in the national competition for the Crown. The winner of this year's Crown at Florida Supercon was Avera Cosplay for her incredible Mercy cosplay mashup from Overwatch and Warhammer.

The cosplay was created using various techniques such as LEDs, foamwork, casting, molding, leatherwork, fabric dyeing, sewing, patterning, wig styling, and more. The cosplay earned her a spot in the national competition that will take place at C2E2 2022. From there, the national winner will head to London MCM where they will compete in the international competition from contestants around the world.

In a close second place was Ubers Cosplay for his Unicorn Gundam suit. He utilized skills such as LED electronics, foamwork, cell shading, and more. In third place was Badass Bard for his EVA Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The cosplay was designed into more of a viking style and was crafted with an incredible amount of leatherwork that allowed him to be fully versatile in the suit.

Thank you again to everyone who entered the competition! The next Crown will take place at New York Comic Con later next month. See you then!

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