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Japanese Cat Has Worn Over 100 Different Handmade Cosplays

The 13-year old cat, Chocola, has had nearly 114 cosplays made by her owner.

Chocola Cat Cosplay
Photo Courtesy Twitter

There are plenty of cosplayers who enjoy putting cosplays on their pets. Some simply do this for Halloween or at-home photoshoots. There are owners of pets such as emotional support and guide dogs, however, who dress them up for cons to get join in on the fun. We’ve seen animals ranging from dogs to ducks in cosplays, but this cat from Japan may just win the award for the number of cosplays worn.

Chocola, a 13-year old cat from Japan, has had over 100 cosplays made for her by her owner. Each cosplay has been handsewn and custom-made for Chocola to wear. According to the owner (@kigurumicyokor1 on Twitter), the cat enjoys doing 10-minute photoshoots in each cosplay and will run up to them ready to get into costume.

Chocola Cat Cosplay
Chocola as Goku from Dragonball Z

Each cosplay takes about 4 to 7 days to make according to their blog. The cat has been cosplaying for nearly 5 years now, which only goes to prove that this cat is a veteran cosplayer. Chocola has cosplayed well-known characters such as Goku from Dragonball Z, Mario from Super Mario Bros, and even Mickey Mouse.

Chocola Cat Cosplay
Chocola as Mario from Super Mario Bros.

The total number of cosplays Chocola’s owner has made so far is 114, which is more than many cosplays have made in their cosplay careers. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see more cosplays from the cat’s owner since Halloween is just around the corner. Who knows what else Chocola will cosplay in the future!

To see more of Chocola’s cosplays, be sure to check out their Twitter and YouTube.

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